Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lindsay - May 23, 2016

Sister Hunt and I! (By the way, she is a pretty young missionary. 
She turns 20 in August).
Hey Everybody!

Wow! What a week it has been! Silver City, New Mexico is so different compared to Arizona! For starters the weather here is much cooler! Yay! The Lord is blessing me with a cooler summer:) Also, the Mexican food is super good! We get fed a lot of Mexican food. There are actually pine trees in New Mexico! Who knew? It is super weird to be in this area cause I feel like we are separated from the rest of the mission! Haha! From Safford, it takes 2 hours to get to Silver City. Then from Tucson it is 4 hours. So we are way out there! In our zone, there are 12 missionaries serving and we are the only sisters! So it is a little weird to get used to that! Our area is really spread out, and we cover Silver City 3rd Ward, and a YSA branch. Summer break is beginning, so there is no one at the college! Everyone has gone home! So it has been really difficult lately. We work mostly with less actives. But on the day that I arrived, we got 2 new investigators for YSA! What are the odds??? That was totally unexpected!! Haha! :)

Sister Hunt is my new companion and she is awesome! She has such a bubbly and lively personality, and she is happy all the time! She is a teaser which is good, because she lightens up the mood when I get too serious:) hehe! She does struggle with obedience, but I am trying my hardest to help her. I know that I can't force her to be obedient, so it has been hard to balance my expectations of obedience to her expectations! But Sister Hunt is a very loving person. She knows that I want to be obedient, and she is trying every day to be better. And that is what God wants us all to do!

Our area is very interesting, and the people are very interesting. It has been a really hard transition, but the Lord has helped me every step of the way. One of our new investigators that we started teaching is named Billy. He is the most intelligent person I have ever met in my life! His prayers are so profound, and it just surprises me how much knowledge he has! When we taught him the Plan of Salvation, you could just tell that he understood it. We asked him what he thought about the plan after we were finished, and he told us that it made sense to him. He has friends from different faiths that believe different things, and so when he learned about the Plan of Salvation, you could tell that he accepted it. We have a baptismal date for him on June 25th! We are so excited! The other investigator that we have is Sabrina. She is so sweet! She has been to church with a member family, and has read the Book of Mormon to the middle of 1st Nephi! She is amazing! In the past, she was taught by missionaries, but something happened and it wasn’t a good experience. So now she is ready to continue the lessons again! I am so excited to be in this area, even though it is hard! But the Lord wants me to learn something, and I am ready to learn and grow!

I love you all. I hope you have an amazing week! Spence!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU MADE IT!!! I am so proud of your accomplishments in school! You are amazing! Enjoy that summer break before college!!!! :D

Much Love,

Sister Lindsay Dunn

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