Monday, August 8, 2016

Lindsay - June 27, 2016

Hello Everyone!!

I hope your week was fantastic! We had a good week!

On Tuesday, we visited Sister Tena who is an amazing lady. She has so

much faith, and doesn't attend our Ward a lot, mainly because church

starts at 9. It is hard for her (health wise), to make it to church

that early. But she has a strong testimony. She was also a stake

missionary in the past, so she shares the gospel as much as she can!

On Wednesday, we had our last district meeting! So my district leader,

is actually in the Miller's Ward!! Isn't that cool?? He talked about

companionship unity, and it was a really good topic because I was kind

of struggling with that! I definitely learned that when you establish

a common ground with your companion, and strive to follow the Spirit,

that you will be successful as a companionship. On Wednesday we also

taught Avery (He is 8 years old). He is an awesome kid! He does have a

hard time focusing, but when you ask him questions, he truly thinks

about what we are asking him. We talked about enduring to the end, and

related that topic to Lehi's dream. He got so excited when we showed

him the picture of Lehi's Dream. We asked him if he remembered the

story, and he did a pretty good job! He is doing well, and now he has

gone to church 3 times in a row!! We are so happy about that!

On Thursday, we got a call out from some missionaries in the zone. So

what happens with call outs is that one companionship will start the

call out, saying that they found a new investigator, or that they

handed out a Book of Mormon, and then they would pass along a

challenge to another companionship. So some elders from the zone

called us out, and challenged us to get a new investigator, and have a

member present lesson. So we had a blitz the next day, where we had

the missionaries from our district tract in our area. Sister Hunt and

I found a new investigator the first door we knocked on!! Haha! It was

awesome! Then we knocked around some other doors, and had a great

conversation with a Jehovah's Witness! She was so nice! By the end of

the day, we completed half of the challenge, but then the new

investigator that we found that morning dropped us over text. (We made

the mistake of giving him our number! Shoot!) All is well though! We

had a great day of contacting!

On Friday we had a great lesson with Sabrina our investigator. She is

an amazing person! At this point, she feels that the Book of Mormon is

true, and that the church is true, but she wants to be completely confident

about it before she moves towards baptism. Her family isn’t necessarily

supportive, and so that makes it really hard on her. But I remember in the

middle of the lesson telling her to trust in the Lord. I told her to not be scared

to stand up for what she knows to be true with her family. At the end of

the lesson, she told us that we helped her a lot. :)

On Saturday, we did a lot of service. We helped a family unload boxes

into storage, and we did some yard work for an older lady:) We also

visited a lady in the Ward who has been suffering from depression. It

sure is hard to teach someone who is struggling with that illness. Also,

she doesn’t want to accept priesthood blessings either. She is at a point in her

life where she doesn't want to accept any help. So it has been tough

for us to help her. All we can do is provide a little beam of light

and encouragement in her life!

On Sunday, we attended wonderful meetings! We went to Sacrament meeting

in 3rd Ward, and then went to the YSA branch for the rest of the block. Kenny

came to sacrament meeting again, so we were glad to see him there! Also,

some other less actives showed up and stayed a lot of the time, so we were really

happy about that!

Well.... to end my letter, I will give you some transfer news!!!! I am training again!!!

Wow! The Lord and President Passey really trust me to train again! 15 new

missionaries are coming in, and 10 of them are sisters! So it is really exciting to be

training at the same time with a lot of sisters that I know! It brings

me a lot of comfort:) That’s all for this week!

Taylor, I love you, and I hope you adjust to the real world quickly! I am also excited

that you get to keep Spence company:) I love you all! Have a wonderful week, and

4th of July!!


Sister Lindsay Dunn

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