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Holli - August 1, 2016

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Sister Cook and I

Sister Cook's recent converts took us to dinner for her birthday!

Hey Everyone!

We had a week full of miracles that's for sure! It was pretty crazy!

So we had appointments fall through and met this awesome Philippino

guy named John. Haha, he had just stepped outside and started to smoke

when we contacted him. He wasn't super religious and didn't like

church much so he believed he was fine just to personally communicate

with God through his feelings. We were like, ok. But we asked if we

could share a message and we taught him briefly about the restoration

and he was pretty curious about it. So we were able to give him a BofM

and teach him how to pray.

Then he wasn't able to meet last minute so we had a member with us and

decided to try by a less active. As we parked on Milford St. We looked

over and saw Johnny!

Little background - we met Teresa (member) last Sunday when our

bishopric went to give her and her mom and brother (Johnny) blessings

because of some turmoil that was happening in the family. We asked if

we could meet with Johnny on Tuesday and share our message with him

and he said sure. On Tuesday we drove up and he was ready to drive

away because he got called in to work and he hardly ever could go to

work because he cares for his mom. So we just met with Teresa instead.

We tried texting Johnny but he wouldn't reply

So it was a miracle that we saw him a day later, taking a break from

work, on Milford st. So cool! We had a good lesson with him - I think

all I can say is that it was super powerful but he has a lot of anger

to work through. I think Alma 10:5-6 kind of describes Johnny at this

point - but he's super cool.

We had quite a few people at church yesterday! The big news is that

Heriberto, Connie, and April came. Sister Colson and I randomly found

them and started teaching April back in April and we thought she would

have to get baptized in the Adams Ward (in a different mission)

because her mom (Gigi) goes to that Ward and is the only one that

takes her to church. Heriberto is inactive but will go to church

occasionally so he came with his girlfriend Connie and his active son

Isaiah and Isaiah's wife and little girl. It was so good having them

come to church :)

So we've been struggling getting Vanessa to stop drinking coffee.

She's been drinking it ever since she was 13 and loves it for the

taste. Anyways we bought her some hot chocolate and encouraged her to

drink that instead. The problem is we couldn't keep buying her hot

chocolate and she doesn't have enough money to go get herself some and

they only serve coffee at every meal. It's either coffee or water :(

so we were like, dang, that's temptation staring you right in the

face. However, she had just run out of her third box when this person

who works at the nursing home asked her where her hot cocoa was. When

Vanessa said she was out, this worker went and bought her some hot

cocoa and we've had members bringing it to her as well. Vanessa saw

that as a miracle! And so did we :)

Haha, we did this awesome missionary lesson yesterday during third

hour and it was so funny! So we had members of the Ward help us with

some role plays - scenarios where they might be able to spread the

gospel. We had the Butler family pretend to be a random family playing

outside in their yard and their neighbor (Brother Barry) would try to

contact them and invite them to church. We also asked a member to be

Brother Barry's inner voice as he tried to figure out what he should

say etc. It was so funny! We would pause the role play at a certain

point and then asked the members what Brother Barry could say to

spread the gospel. It was really cool :)

That's about it for this week! I love you all so much! It's Sister

Cook's birthday today!! Thank goodness I saved some of those balloons

you sent me mom :) Love you all so much!

Love, Sister Dunn

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