Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Chelsea - July 11, 2016

Hello everyone!

This week has been a very interesting week and a tough one for Sister Tupouniua. On Monday and Tuesday she was super sick and so we weren't able to work. On Wednesday, we got our flu vaccinations and ever since then, Sister T has been having some problems with her neck and shoulder area. It has been hurting her sooo bad that it hurts to walk and get up. On Sunday during church, we had to leave during sacrament meeting to the hall because she was about to pass out. Despite her objections, I told the Senior couple, the Jones, and they drove us straight to the hospital on Sunday. We got her checked in, they hooked her up to an iv, got her an x-ray, got her a room, and gave her some pain meds! We are still in the hospital right now and have no idea what the results are. Just waiting on the doctor.. haha. The Jones have been so great though because we have absolutely none of our stuff with us, so they bought us food yesterday and have been bringing us things we need. Sister T is doing better today, but we are still waiting..

On Wedneday, we went to cauayan and had a meet the new mission president zone conference. President and Sister Hiatt are super great.While listening to them, I definitely felt that they have been called of God to be our new mission President and wife. President Hiatt has a lot of great ideas to get the mission progressing. After the conference, they chose Sister T and I to work with them. So they drove down to San Mateo and worked with us! They are so great! They are super interactive in the lessons and are always asking us to translate for them and so it was such a great experience.

Tatay suguitan is doing great! We were kinda nervous this week because we had to follow up on his word of wisdom with coffee. We asked about it this week with him and he basicallly told us that it doesn't have an effect on him anymore and that he doesn't even want it in the morning. Ahhh its amazing! I know that God has helped him overcome this.

Love you all, don't have much time sorry. Sister T and I are sharing a computer haha

Sister Dunn

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