Tuesday, August 9, 2016

June 30, 2016 Well Done Elder Dunn!!

Welcome Home Taylor!

Hey Family!

That youth conference sounds like a blast!! I'm glad everyone had an awesome time!! Sad to hear that Sister Chipman is leaving. She was super cool!

So we had some awesome miracles that we saw this week! We were trying to contact a less active on the ward list and it turned out we found her ex-boyfriend Paul! He is baptist but isn't actively attending his church and is really open. He wants to start getting back into church and coming closer to God. He also wants to help his ex-girlfriend do the same thing so with his help we are praying that we will be able to help both of them! He's super busy with work because he runs his own business and has another job so we are trying to help him make time for God! He loved the restoration and the Book of Mormon lessons though and wants to come to church. We just need to get some member fellowship to help him out!

As well, we were trying to contact a former investigator named Jose and ended up teaching his daughter and her family the restoration instead which went really well! They also work a lot, especially on Sundays but we invited them to pray and ask their bosses to get work off and they both agreed to it! We will be seeing them on Wednesday and are excited to help them progress. With their faith and the power of prayer they will be able to get work off!

It's going to be super sad to leave my comp Elder Wride. He was awesome but the change will be good for him. He's just an awesome missionary!

My schedule for Wednesday will be as follows: go to transfer meeting, help everyone else out, go out and work in the APs area for a couple of hours, have a little meeting at the mission home and eat dinner, go to the temple, chill outside the temple and talk about how awesome the mission was, go to hotel and go to bed! So ya that's about it!

I'm expecting a lot of questions about how the mission was and what I learned etc. Honestly it's hard to sum up but what I've learned is that Jesus Christ truly is a perfect example for us. I've learned to follow Him more in every way. I've learned of humility, diligence, faith, patience, hope, charity, love, obedience, virtue, and meekness, and just turning my trust to God. My testimony, like I've said before has become a part of me, and I know that as I strive to follow Christ and give it all I have, I will be happy and I will help others be happy. That is what I've wanted to do and what I have done on my mission with the help of the Lord. I hope to continue to do so and be a tool in the Lord's hands :) I love my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ, I know they love me and want the best for me! I'm learning my potential and striving to live up to it. I'm doing my best to align my will with God's will! That's my testimony :) I'm grateful for the opportunity to labor in the Lord's vineyard! Thanks so much for your support. You guys are the best parents ever!! See you soon!

Elder Dunn

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