Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lindsay - July 25, 2016

Having fun with Hermana Kerr!

This week was amazing! Oh my goodness, the Lord blessed us so much! On Tuesday, we went to Safford to have our trainer trainee meeting. It was so awesome to see all the trainers, because I pretty much knew all of them!! Also, Hermana Kerr was there, so I got to take a picture with her!! She is hilarious, and the stories she has to tell about her mission are so funny, I literally almost wet my pants!! haha! It is the way that she tells the story that makes me laugh so hard! haha! After our trainer trainee meeting, we went back to my old area, and stopped by to drop off something that the Safford sisters had forgotten on exchanges. So I got to see Sister Curtis! (The member that we were living with in the Gila Valley). When she came into the kitchen and saw me she looked a little shocked!! haha! But I gave her a big hug and we had lunch with the Safford sisters. Then we had to hurry back to Silver City! Back to the trainer meeting, I was thinking about all the miracles that the missionaries shared, and I thought to myself, my new missionary hasn't invited someone to be baptized yet. I had such a strong desire for her to invite someone to be baptized. Later that night, after dinner we decided to try a potential investigator named Tonya that was next door to another potential named Lisa. When we parked on the curb, we saw Lisa outside, and I got a strong feeling to go and teach her! So we did! And guess what????? Sister Brinkerhoff invited her to be baptized! And Lisa said yes!!! ahhhhhhhh!! I was so happy, I literally had to contain myself from jumping with joy! haha! It was so amazing! We had been praying and praying for weeks to find someone who was ready. We got out of our comfort zones and knocked on doors, and we were finally blessed to find someone who was ready to listen!

On Wednesday, we had an amazing lesson with a less active from the YSA branch. We decided to have the lesson outside, because we thought there wouldn't be as many distractions. It was such a great lesson, and she opened up to us a little! So there is progress!

On Thursday we visited Jesus again to read the Book of Mormon with him. He couldn't hear us very well, so that was a struggle, but we explained the chapter to him so that he could understand. Then we asked him how the Book of Mormon has blessed his life. He gave the most profound answer. He testified that it had helped him to know himself better, so that he could make better decisions in his life. We had an amazing lesson with him! Then we saw Sister Mitchell again. We talked about faith and shared the scripture in Moroni 7:33. Just from that scripture, the Spirit was able to guide our thoughts, and Sister Mitchell opened up to us! We invited her to pray to God and ask if He loved her. She thanked us for the invitation, and she said she would do that.

On Saturday we got another new investigator!!! A transfer ago, when I was with Sister Hunt, we stopped by to see this one family from the ward we didn't know. They ended up not being there, and we met Lily. She was open to hearing our message, so we gave her a card with our number on it. So fast forward to this week! We visited her, and the first thing she said to me was, "Oh, I remember you!" I was SO shocked that she remembered me, when it was a month since I had seen her. She invited us in and we taught her the Restoration. We invited her to be baptized but she was hesitant. She didn't want to stray away from her family's religious tradition, so she said no. BUT...... She accepted to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true! And she was open to us coming back! So we are definitely planting a seed!

On Sunday, we had an amazing lesson with Sister Post! We taught her about gratitude, and even though she was in pain because of her health problems, and she felt sick, she was able to say what she was grateful for. She got emotional as she talked about her grandson, and her other grandchildren. We also shared the scripture with her in Alma 7 about giving thanks to God in all things. We had a wonderful lesson with her, and at the end, I invited her to pray. She prayed, and I felt the Spirit so strongly! What a good experience to end the week! I love you all and miss you all! I hope you have a wonderful week!


Sister Dunn

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