Monday, August 8, 2016

Chelsea - June 27, 2016

Hi ya’ll!!

Man my tagalog is getting out of whack! Kinda obvious that I’m now with an American companion! I only speak tagalog now when we are out of the house actually communicating with people… it's so sad. But at least I’m getting some english practice!

My new area is in a place called San Mateo!! It’s in Cauayan zone and is about 1.5 hours from the mission home. But it’s not like the middle of nowhere. It has a great market and a lot of shops. It’s bigger than diffun. It’s just a branch here so there is only about 50 people who go to church here. The branch is struggling pretty bad so ya.. kinda stressful being assigned in this area! But I love it! It’s sooo beautiful here. My comp is sister Tupounuia!! Haha she’s another american here. President rahlf called me before I got transferred and said he’s putting me with her because her dad is on his death bed right now and she pretty much said goodbye to him already and she’s been struggling. She is from Magna Utah and has been out six months. Her tagalog is probably like my tagalog in my first cycle. Let’s just say I’m teaching everything and making all the contacts right now. Haha it’s stressful. But she is great though. Super hilarious!

Also, the Jones, a senior couple, are assigned to our ward and they work with us every week. Wooh! I love them! And this is the best of all, there is air con in our room. AIR CON PEOPLE! Out of only 2 houses in the whole mission that has aircon I got one of them! WOOO! Honestly though, sometimes it’s nice but usually it’s soooo cold I can’t even stand it. Haha I just go out to the kitchen where it’s hot because that’s what I’m used to! haha.

There are also 3 dogs that live right next to us and the owner of our house comes and feeds them every week. It’s so sad…. they are like starving, and they eat the water and food that comes out of the neighbor’s drain. Don't worry people, I have fed them to the best of my ability! haha.

That’s about all I have to report on this week! The real work starts this week!! Love you all!

Sister Dunn

Sister T and Me!

These are our housemates! Hahah so fun. Sister baker from 

my MTC group and her anak, sister abalos.

Sister Jones! I love her!

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