Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Holli - July 18, 2016

Hey Everyone!

We had a really cool week this week!

We had exchanges on Saturday and it was the funniest thing! Sister

Hobbs came here to Glendale and she is so cool. She is from New

Zealand so she has the coolest accent ever! And as we were street

contacting, so many people were playing this new Pokemon game with

their phones and that was literally our contacting approach. So many

people were so absorbed in their phones and we were just like,

"there's no way that's an important message, it's got to be Pokemon "

- so we had some pretty hilarious contacts!

We contacted this sweet girl named Loni. She was going through a

really hard time and we were able to share a little of our message

with her. She's pretty much all alone and about to have a baby so it

was cool to share about Jesus Christ. She said she had a few LDS

friends and she went to our church maybe once but she has wanted to

get back into church, especially for her child. Sad experience, but

definitely strengthened my testimony of the healing powers of the


We were walking down the street one day and this guy calls to us from

a bike. His name was Pablo and he said he was a Jehovah's Witness but

that he was curious about our church and wanted to attend a service

there. We gave him the address and time and he showed up! He seemed to

really enjoy it so we hope the Spirit continues to work on him!

That same day we were walking to contact a potential when we ran into

Amber! Turns out she is a less active member from Utah and we were

able to invite her to one of the RS activities and it was so cool! She

is the sweetest member ever - she and her husband were only here for

the week but she came to a humanitarian activity and we talked for

quite a while!

Haha, in that same activity they were sewing children's pillowcases in

preparation for Christmas time to give to kids in the children's

hospital. So they asked if I could sew and I told them it had been a

while but my mother taught me well, so they put me behind a sewing

machine and I didn't break it! (Until like the very end when we had to

leave and something happened with the needle . . . We're sure they

were able to figure it out :)

We ran into Anna the other day. Sweetest Armenian lady ever! She told

us she was Christian as we walked her back to her home but then, after

a few seconds of silence, she said she didn't really believe that any

more because she hadn't seen any family members for 17 years because

they were all back in Armenia. And her mom died 17 years ago and she

was here, alone, with her son. She is also supporting her father who

can't work so she is very busy. She is pretty bitter about all of the

bad things that have happened in her life. But we asked her to give us

a chance and she said ok. Prayers for Anna this week!

On exchanges we went to an apartment complex to find a less active and

we knocked but no one was home so we knocked the neighbor's apartment

and she opened and her face was like, super closed when she saw us at

first. But we started talking with her about the family and then she

invited us in to give us water and we were able to share the

restoration with her! She is Pentecostal and very active but she said

we could bring back a Spanish Book of Mormon and it was awesome!

That's about it for this week in Glendale! Thank you for all your

letters and support!

Love, Sister Dunn

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