Thursday, August 11, 2016

Chelsea - August 8, 2016

My new companion Sister Atutubo and Mae Ann

Tatay Suiguitan!!

My favorites Yanna and Tin Tin


Oh my gosh sister kjar gave me this american snack in my drawer and I almost cried! haha

Kumusta po?

It's been another week of change! We spent the whole day monday packing and then on Tuesday we went around and said goodbye to the members in san mateo. Man it was hard but the worst was saying goodbye to tatay suguitan. After we taught him a lesson, he said he had been thinking of some english in his mind to say to us (he doesnt speak a lick of english, and knows that we struggle teaching him sometimes haha). He then told us, "thank you for coming me in my life" and then in tagalog he said that we opened the windows of heaven to him and his home. Me and Sister T were crying so bad and then tatay was crying too and it was so sadddd!! But what a blessing it is to be a missionary :)

So on Wednesday, we headed to the mission home for transfer day. Sister Tupouniua got transferred to Alicia which is really close to San Mateo. My anak is still in Alinguigan... the other area closed which means they have to take on the full area. I was so sad I couldn't see her... but I was assigned to Tuguegarao South, Enrile Ward! AHHHH the hottest place in the Philippines! I really like it here though, and thank goodness I was assigned here during the winter season! haha. But ya, I can already feel the difference of the heat and humidity. It's been a little hard for me to keep up with it all, but I'm adjusting. The ward is so great here. Man, everyone is so supportive and wants to work and will do anything they can to help us. I was so surprised sitting there in ward council yesterday and how willing everyone is to help. It's definitely a first! Enrile is about 20 minutes from the city of tuguegarao, which is crazy packed! Also in tugue, they have like horse carriages everywhere which is so cool but also not because the horses look like they are dying from starvation. My companion is Sister Atutubo from Quezon City and I am following her up which means she just got done with her training. She is super good at teaching and I am already learning a ton from her.

The apartment is ok, but unfortunately, we live right next to a pig pen and the whole apartment always smells like pig manure haha! It's whatever though. The people are harder to contact here though. We went contacting on Thursday and we got rejected so much. People are super devoted catholics here and sometimes they won't even let us get to know them. Haha I feel like I'm serving in america a little bit! haha. The hardest challenge though has been dealing with my comp. She was super attached to her trainer and has just been in tears this whole week. We had to stop work for 2 days because she couldn't stop crying and everything reminded her of her trainer. It's been so tough because she really won't listen to advice and she is so down about herself. But I encouraged her to get a priesthood blessing and that really helped her yesterday. As for yesterday and today she has been doing really great! Haha I know heavenly father sent me here for a reason. He knows that I can't comfort anyone to save my life haha. I've already learned a ton though about myself and definitely about following the promptings of the spirit.

Love you all :)

Sister Dunn

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