Monday, September 12, 2016

Lindsay - August 15, 2016

What a week it has been!! Oh my goodness! On Tuesday, Sister

Brinkerhoff got bitten by a dog. Funny story.... Not really. But we

were tracting on this road, and we came up to a house and started

walking up the muddy dirt road. Then some dogs came out, and Sister

Brinkerhoff told me in a hesitant voice, "Sister Dunn... I don't

know..... And then I responded by saying, "They are just dogs, we will

be fine!" And then lo and behold as I walk up to the house, a German

shepherd mix dog comes up to Sister Brinkerhoff and bites her! Wow,

what a great trainer I am!! Haha! :) We just ignored it for a while,

and then we were visiting later that night with a returning member and

she went into mother mode, and strongly encouraged us to call Sister

Passey. So we did, and she just said to look for infection. And then

we called a nurse in the Ward, and she suggested that we go in to get

it checked. So the next day we went into the clinic, and Sister

Brinkerhoff got a tetanus shot!! Wow what an experience!!

On Wednesday, we went to an amazing zone meeting in Deming!! We talked

about the doctrine of the Holy Ghost, and role played sharing a

scripture about the Holy Ghost, and teaching them about the gift of

the Holy Ghost, and the purpose of it. It was a great meeting!

On Thursday, Sister Brinkerhoff and I made a tracting goal!! We aren't

very fond of tracting, and we don't have a lot of motivation to do it,

because for the most part, we don't have a lot of success. But our goal

was that for every person we meet, we knock on a door. It was a good

goal, and we held ourselves accountable!!! And then by the end of the

day, we changed our goal. So now our goal is that for every person we

meet, we knock on a door. but if we don't share the gospel with that

person, then we have to knock on another door until we share the

gospel, and invite them to learn more. Even though I have been on my

mission for 14 months, I STILL struggle with tracting so much! And I

will probably struggle until the end of my mission. But I know that

the Lord is encouraging us and pushing us to do it, because I believe

he knows there will be at least one person that accepts our message

and will listen to what we have to say!

On Saturday, we had a great day! We contacted a referral that we received

from church headquarters. Her name was Elizabeth, and she lived in an assisted

living center in Silver City. So we went and visited her! When we

walked in, we said hi, and she invited us to sit down. Then she said

to us, "Are you here to convert me? Cause forget it!" Haha! :) She was

a very stalwart member of another church, but she talked about her

granddaughter, and how she had joined the LDS church, and that they

were very good to her. So I was very happy that Elizabeth was

accepting and respectful of us. We talked a little bit about

missionary work and family history work. And I could tell that she

enjoyed us coming to visit her. When we went up to shake her hand, oh

my goodness her handshake was so firm and solid! I was thinking, wow!

You are a 93 year old! That is an amazing, lively handshake!! We had a

great experience with her..... And she shared her wheat thins with

us:) Later that day, we had a dinner with the Good's. Fortunately,

their son Michael had just gotten his mission call envelope that same

day! So they invited us to participate in his mission call opening!

What a blessing that was!! He got called to the Canada, Toronto

mission! We are so excited for him! And his twin sister Linda is going

to go on a mission as well, so it will be exciting for their whole


On Sunday, we had a great lesson with Brother Darnell!!! We

brought Brittany from the YSA branch with us. We had a wonderful

discussion! We talked about the Sacrament, and we asked him why it is

important to partake of it. And then we read the sacrament prayers and

went over the baptismal covenants with him. And then the big moment of

inviting him to church!! He said he would attend in the near future!

Then Brittany asked him, "When would be the near future?" And then he

told us that he would attend within the start of the month of

September!!! AGHHHHHH!!!! We are so excited for him to come to

church!!! I am so grateful that the Lord is softening his heart, and

that the Spirit of God is helping him every day. I love this gospel,

and I am grateful to be a part of such a joyful, happy and fulfilling

work! I love you all!


Sister Dunn

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