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Holli - August 15, 2016

April's Baptism

Vanessa's Baptism
Hello Everyone!

Man what a week it has been! The greatest thing about Sister Hobbs is
that she has the funniest sayings like: "It has been an absolute
pleasure" or "Oh, that gave me a fright!", and "I have a hard time
singing juets" (haha, their du is pronounced as a "j", that took me
forever to figure out). We have had a really good week here in

The big news is that Vanessa was baptized on Saturday! She had a
stroke on the left side of her body so she can't move that arm and
leg. We had three men get in the font to help her and she had to go
down three separate times because her dead leg kept coming out of the
water. Haha, she told us afterwards that the Lord wanted to make sure
she was good and clean, and everything but her left foot wanted to be
saved! She's such a sweetheart :) She was confirmed yesterday so that
was super exciting.

April was baptized on Sunday right after church. A lot of her family
members where there and it was great. Bishop baptized her and Sister
Hobbs, and Gigi (April's biological mom) sang a musical number and it
sounded great! We are so excited for April and are still teaching
Connie, Heriberto's girlfriend.

Haha, the funniest experience happened this week. So we usually go
outside to exercise every morning and before we leave I usually grab
the keys and then we lock the door. Well, we accidentally locked the
door without grabbing the keys so . . . Oops. Sister Hobbs said, let's
just go exercise and we can freak out later. So we did and we came
back but our manager had already left and we didn't know when he would
be back. It was also a Saturday morning (the day of Vanessa's baptism)
so everyone in our apartment complex was asleep and we also live on
the second floor so there's not an easily accessible window in which
to climb through. So Sister Hobbs had one Bobby pin in her hair and we
scavenged around and found a few sketchy looking metal tools to try to
pick the lock open, one of them being a hanger. We worked on that
thing for so long. We called the owner of the apartment with one of
our investigator's (Elizabeth) phones (she lives downstairs) and he
said it would take him about 2.5 hours to get there. We were like .
So then we snuck upstairs to our managers apartment and grabbed his
ladder to try to access our kitchen window, but it was too short. Then
our neighbor's gave us a few gadgets to try to get our door open, and
we borrowed another Bobby pin from Elizabeth to try to pick our lock
and for the next hour we prayed, and we switched off trying to pick
that darn lock. To no avail.

We were like, we must have the worst faith in the entire world!

But finally, at about 10 our manager came back. He didn't have a key
but he did have a very tall ladder so he grabbed that and I was able
to climb through our window and unlock the door!! Right on time to
rush to a meeting we had that morning. And thirty minutes before the
owner said he could get here with a spare key. Miracles do happen.

Haha, Sister Hobbs asked me as we were sitting on our step, staring at
the lock with all our tools around us, that if we had enough faith and
knew that Heavenly Father could open the door, why wasn't he opening
it. I told her that I felt like we hadn't gone through enough
affliction for Him to do that. I thought back to the movie 17 miracles
when the pioneers where starving and freezing and praying with all
their hearts that they would be able to reach Zion and wondering,
perhaps some of them, where God was in all of this. And then one lady
prayed over a small portion of food that they had and it grew to be
enough to feed the children. Or when the rescuers came during the most
hopeless part of the trek. The miracles always come after the trial of
our faith.

So one night we were in LA and I really had to go to the bathroom so
we looked up a less active family and knocked on their door like three
times but no one let us in and we could tell someone was home. So we
waddled down the road and their neighbor was coming out of his house
and Sister Hobbs called to him and asked if we could use his bathroom.
He was super nice and said yes! His name was Louis and he is a super
cool guy. We were able to set up a return appointment with him and had
an amazing Restoration lesson with him. It went great! We are excited
to keep teaching him!

We stopped by a referral one day and met Fatima who is from Uganda and
she takes care of this awesome elderly lady named Carol. Carol had a
bit of dementia but was so nice and we were able to practice a song on
her and Fatima that we were singing at the baptism later that day.
Fatima told us she had observed that the people in our church were
always happy and she didn't know why so we offered to teach her. She
was super sweet so we are excited to introduce to her the restored

We were in Alhambra one day and found this guy named Luis. We were
actually looking for his neighbor that goes to our YSA Ward named
Brooke but Luis came out the back and said, "Oh look, it's the
elderetts!" He had a friend who was LDS that taught him a lot but went
pretty deep and kind of confused Luis. We asked if Elders could stop
by next week and he said yes! He was super nice.

That was our week in Glendale! Thank you all for your letters and
support! Hope you have a great week!

Love, Sister Dunn

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