Monday, September 12, 2016

Holli - September 5, 2016

Hello Everybody!!

Ok myldsmail is back online so I was able to read all 25 letters last
night :) thank you so much!

This week was pretty intense!

Such a funny story on exchanges! So I went to Alhambra to be with
Sister Huang and we were walking down the street when we see these two
construction workers. They stop what they're doing and start gesturing
to us and looking at us. Haha Sister Huang like ran behind me as we
walked up to them. One of the construction workers looked at me and
said, "Hey, don't you remember me?! You invited me to church!"

And we were both like whhhaatt??

Well turns out that last week, while Sister Mann and Sister Huang were
biking, they stopped at a stoplight next to this construction car and
Sister Mann who was the lead biker looks in the drivers window and
introduces herself as a missionary over the noise and the traffic and
invites this guy to church. And then the light turned green and they
rode off.

Haha so I asked if he had gone to church and he told us we had never
given him the address so Sister Huang gives them their card and we get
his number and it was such a cool experience!

On another exchange we went to this lady named Joanna who has
investigated the church for 5 years. She knows she needs to get
baptized but is content to wait a long time for it. While we were
hoping she wouldn't wait until the Spirit World, we read in Alma about
the group of people who had been kicked out of church because of their
lack of wealth or talent or whatever it was. Joanna has felt judged at
church before and uncomfortable with certain situations so we shared
that story with her and Alma's advice that even though people may make
us feel worthless and condemn us for our faults or weaknesses, Christ
is always there, inviting us to come unto him.

One of the Sisters in our Ward shared her testimony yesterday. She
talked about all these trials she has recently been passing through
and that one phrase of scripture kept sticking out to her "His hand is
stretched out still" She said she told her husband she felt like she
was drowning in these trials and he likened it to Peter walking on the
sea and Christ reaching out to him. Super cool story - I learned so
much from her experience.

Haha so we had a dinner appointment one night while I was in Alhambra
and we had to take a few freeways to get there. The Chinese sisters
have an investigator named San San and she drove us. She has this tiny
blue car, almost like a slug bug, but the top lowers so we got in the
car and were cruising down the road feeling like the coolest
missionaries ever. And then she turns onto the freeway . . . And
doesn't put the top up. And we were like whiplashed by the wind for
half an hour - and she took like three wrong turns onto different
freeways. Needless to say that when we arrived at our dinner
appointment we looked like wind blown warthogs. But the members were
super nice about it :)

We were in Temple City one night on exchanges and Sister Christensen
and I stopped at Pizza Hut to get dinner and this lady walks up to us
(Mimi) and gives us her Buddhist pamphlet and talks with us about her
religion for a bit. She was so sweet and had the cutest daughter
(Crystal) and after a while she started asking us about our beliefs
and why we were out here in California. It was  pretty cool to share a
few things with her and bear our testimony about Jesus Christ. 

That's about it for the week here in Glendale! Thank you to all those
who have written! Hope this next week is a great one!

Love, Sister Dunn

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