Monday, September 12, 2016

Holli - September 12, 2016

Hello Everyone!

We had a pretty great week here in Glendale. Working hard on finding
those that the Lord has prepared for us! And trying to prepare a few
others along the way :)

We are teaching this guy named Charles. He's pretty cool - he is
actually the father of a less active member. He came to church last
week and told us he would like to meet with us. And then during our
first lesson said that he was studying theology at school and they
were doing a paper on religions and he was assigned to do a paper on
the Mormon religion. So as we taught him, as part of this paper he had
certain rules he needed to follow. He couldn't ask or answer questions
or make any criticism/comments on the things we taught and most
importantly he could not teach us about theology. It was super
interesting! So we taught the Restoration and it was really
interesting to have him listen the entire time without bringing up
complaints, criticisms, or questions. We kind of didn't know how to
teach to that but we managed!

One day we were trying to find this member at a nursing home and we
met this super sweet girl named Sona. She just got back from a study
abroad in Denmark but we talked with her about her beliefs. Turns out
she belongs to the Church of Christ so it was cool talking with her
about God and Jesus Christ. She was super nice - not very interested
in checking our church out - but said if we ever needed anything to
give her a call :)

We went on exchanges one day in Sunland and Sister Newman and I had a
lesson with this guy named Tinker. He sure was an interesting fellow.
He goes to our church every week but is part of this group that is
trying to unify all religions. Kind of interesting. Anyway, he brought
like three bibles and two hymn books to our lesson so we had a fun
discussion about the restoration. He has also read the BofM but he
doesn't seem interested in sincerely praying about it and acting on
the answer yet. He was very knowledgable though.

Haha speaking of knowledgable, we had this surprise phone call one
night from this guy named JR. He's a super cool guy and knows the
bible front and back. He was looking up some architecture designs one
day and ran into one of our temples so he looked up one close to us,
called the temple and asked them about our religion and beliefs,
ordered a Book of Mormon online, and is now in 2 Nephi. The lady at
the temple gave him our number and we had like a 45 minute
conversation about the gospel. He told us that he loves reading the
Book of Mormon but had a question about one of the verses in 2 Nephi
6:4,9 about Christ and the prophecies there. Super interesting guy.
We asked if we could meet,  but in his church, it is looked down upon to
research other faiths so he told us he would just talk with us over
the phone.

And then we told him our phone calls had to be limited to 10 minutes
and he was like oh . . . . :)

We had a lesson with one of our less active members named Maria. She's
a super awesome lady. Back when I first came to Glendale her daughter
Valarie had gotten in a terrible motorcycle accident with her
boyfriend and ever since then I've heard a lot about Valarie but have
never met her - and she has also not been baptized but has wanted to
be baptized. Anyways, we got to meet her the other night and it was
super cool. We shared the first vision with her and Anthony and
invited them to continue to take the lessons and go to church. So high
hopes for Valarie!!

Our converts Heriberto, Connie, and April took us out to eat Saturday night - it
was so much fun! They are such a wonderful family. Connie asked us a
lot about our missions and what we do - she told us we were too young
to be making such a big sacrifice, especially not being able to
communicate with our families very often. We told her the blessings
are much greater than the sacrifice!! I'm so grateful I have the
opportunity to serve the Lord. It has been such a blessing.

Thank you all for your letters and support. Love you so much!!

Love, Sister Dunn

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