Monday, September 12, 2016

Lindsay - August 29, 2016

This week was really good! Sister Brinkerhoff and I have so much fun together, and we laugh a lot! On Monday we had dinner with this one family, and they literally all had colds! So guess what? The next day I had a cold! Wahoo! :) So I wasn't feeling 100% on Tuesday. But it's ok! The work of the Lord presses on! 

On Wednesday, we received a training in district meeting about talking with everyone! Well, the training was on finding, but our district made a goal to talk with everyone! So we did! The Lord definitely gave us the strength to talk to people!! We had a great lesson with a less active we hadn't met, and then we were driving around, and I saw this lady smoking looking at her phone. So we decided to stop and talk to her! She was Native American, and she said that she was visiting a friend. She said her Mormon friends give her pamphlets and she will read anything. So we told her about the message of the Book of Mormon, and we gave a copy to her! 

Then we taught Avery! His baptism will be on September 10th, and we are sooooooo excited!!!   We are reading the Book of Mormon with him, because he doesn't know the scriptures very well so it has been fun! And of course we have pictures so that he doesn't get distracted! hehe:) After Avery's lesson, we visited Sister Scott. As we were driving to her house, I saw this lady outside her house, weeding her front yard. So I pulled over immediately and asked Sister Brinkerhoff if we could stop and ask her if she needed help. Sister Brinkerhoff had the same prompting!!! The lady was really sweet, and she said that she was finished, but she appreciated us asking her for help. She told us, "A lot of people just pass me by and don't offer to help. So I really appreciate that you stopped by to offer help." We felt really good after that visit:) So back to Sister Scott. When we stopped by to visit her, she was having a discouraging day, and so we shared a message with her about grace. It was just perfect for her!

On Thursday, we had a lesson with Asia, and we talked about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. Also, the next day Asia went with us to a lesson! She did such a great job! It was perfect, because the investigator we were seeing struggles to pray in front of us. (Tonya) And so Asia was able to relate to her because Asia herself struggled to pray in front of us too. It was just awesome! Even though there were a lot of distractions, the Spirit helped us so much! We asked Tonya at the end of the lesson if she would pray. She said no, but I asked her if she would pray next time. She told us, "Maybe." There is hope people, hope!!! :) 

On Saturday we met with Tom and Jane. They are friends with a lot of people in our ward, so it is nice for us to work with them! Tom and Jane are both Episcopalian, and they are the sweetest people you will ever meet! They ask a lot of really good questions about us as missionaries, and what we do! We were able to follow up with the commitments we extended last time, and they improved! So hurrah for the Spirit of the Lord! We also taught them the Restoration, and at the end of the lesson, Tom said, "I believe you." And then Jane looked at him and said, "Really?" And then Tom repeated that he believed us!!! We committed them to read the Book of Mormon. Apparently, Tom had already read 1st Nephi and 2nd Nephi, and so he committed to read Jacob. And then Jane said that she would start at the beginning!! We are praying so hard that they accept the gospel!!! 

After Tom and Jane's visit, we went to see a less active named John. But only his caretaker was there. And guess what Mom?? She was watching a Hallmark Christmas movie!!! AGHHHHHHHH! So tempting!  The adversary has been terrible to me on my mission!!! But it's ok! When we started to share the Restoration, I asked her to turn off the TV. hehe:) So yeah, that has been my week! A bit crazy, but that is missionary life!! haha! I love you all, and I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints is true!


Sister Dunn

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