Monday, September 12, 2016

Chelsea - September 5, 2016

Mini MTC Activity with my two companions!

Our tricie totally broke down and we had to stop on the bridge!

Well this has been a pretty interesting week.. But definitely want to start out with the good. Lyka passed her interview yesterday and will be baptized on Saturday! So exciting and she is so ready :) We are so happy that she's finally able to take this step in her life. 

So our other progressing investigators: Bro. Ventura. He didn't come to church for the first time in a long time.. We were so sad.. We taught him twice this week. The first time we taught him at his sister's house because there was a birthday going on. So all these guys are there and super drunk and so we teach bro ventura and we don't really know if he's drunk or not.  He was super talkative though. The next time we taught him he didn't remember anything we said before so we think he might have been drinking a little bit. It's sad because he says he would never do that but we are starting to think that that might be the problem and why he doesn't want to get baptized... We are still trying to figure it out though.

 Our other investigator, Marichris, basically texted us and said she went home (which is like 2 hours away) and she might not come back. The next day, a member called us on her phone asking for a favor and so we found out that she totally lied to us... :( 

Bryan also, he's so amazing! He's already in 1 Nephi 16 and is super interested! The only thing is he told us that he's super busy until may when he graduates and he just doesn't have time.. ahhh its been a little disappointing but we are still doing our best! We've gotten a lot of referrals and so we are really gonna work on them! 

There were a couple funny moments that happened this week! On Monday night, we were at the house of one of our less actives. We were waiting for her to come out and I see their dog who is chained to their fence. And so of course I stick my hand through and he sniffs it and starts licking my hand so of course I thought he was nice and so I start petting him and then he got super mad and bit my hand! Little did I know that dog is like a crazy spaz and no one really goes near him! But ya he bit right on my finger nail and down into my cuticle. Thank goodness the dog was anti rabies! Haha but my nail looks kinda different! 

Also, on Friday we were working in our area and teaching one of our investigators and this random guy is there and we shake his hand and his grip was so tight and he wouldn't let go and we were like what the heck?! A little later we were walking to someone else's house and we see him across the street and I wave at him and he puts his hand up to his ear and makes a call me sign and stared at us soooo creepily and then he started following us and we were freaking out! We kinda started running so thankfully he stopped! But we found out later he was a drug addict! ahhh! 

Also that same night, we were waiting on the side of the road for our ride and this random huge pig comes walking down the road going straight towards the highway and there was a ton of cars coming and it was dark and i was like oh my goodness I'm going to witness this pig get hit! And we couldn't stop it because it was so huge and me and sister atutubo were screaming! But thankfully the car barely missed it! wooh! So that's it for this week!

Love you all!

Sister Dunn

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