Monday, September 12, 2016

Chelsea - August 15, 2016

Happy Fiesta week here in Maddarulug Sur! Basically for 2 days, karaoke is going nonstop and everyone kills their pigs and has a feast! But man I will never forget last Friday. So we have a pig pen right outside of our house and our neighbors decided to kill them all on fiesta day right as we were weekly planning. They just kept killing pig after pig on every side of the house and the pigs were screaming like crazy. Me and Sister Kjar were covering our ears the whole time and tried not to cry haha. It's so sad though because when they kill the pigs, they cut a part of its throat and just let it bleed out until it dies. While it's still alive, they pour hot boiling water on it and cut its ears off. Sorry for the graphics but it was like the worst experience ever! I don't think I want to eat another pig.

On Wednesday, I had to go to Ilagan for an interview, and right as were walking out of the chapel, I see Jason, my recent convert from Alinguigan and it was so cute because right when he saw me he totally ran up to me! He is doing really great and the ward is doing good!

On Thursday, we taught one of our progressing investigators. His name is Bro. Ventura and he has been an investigator since January... he is doing good, he comes to church almost every sunday and reads the book of mormon. So on thursday, we extended a bap date to him on the 27th but he declined. Basically, he feels bad that he missed church a couple of weeks ago and said that he still doesn't feel ready. He told us that he will try to shoot for September. I have a feeling we're gonna have to push with him... Other than him, there are really no other progressing investigators. It's been soo hard but we are finding the best we can. This week though we found a new investigator named Brian. As we were sharing with him, he opened up with us and told us that he's been having some gender issues and he's really confused about who he is and what he should do. We testified about how our message would help him to know who he is and what God's plan is for him. And we also testified of modern revelation and we showed him the picture of Thomas S. Monson and the 12 apostles. The spirit was so strong and at that moment my testimony definitely grew about modern revelation and a living prophet. I know that God still communicates with a prophet today and as we listen and apply what the prophets say, we will know what to do and not be confused in a world of changing values and morals. I am so grateful for a living prophet and I know that Heavenly Father lives. Love you all.

Sister Dunn

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