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Chelsea - August 22, 2016

These things are everywhere!

Hi everyone! 

Another challenging week here in Enrile but we are starting to have some success. We got a referral on Monday from our ward mission leader and we went and taught her on Monday. Her name is Marichris and she is 21 years old, she is also super prepared! We taught her two times during this week and she even came to church with us yesterday! She's pretty shy so we don't really know what she thinks about everything but man she has a lot of faith especially to have gone to church yesterday! We are excited to work with her and help her to accept the gospel! 
We've found so many new investigators this week but one was really placed in our path. We were just walking down the street and we see this guy coming out of his house and so we contacted him. I asked him if he ever wondered how he could gain eternal life and he asked us to come in and share with him. As we were sharing, we found out that at that very moment that his wife had cancer and she was in surgery at the hospital! We were so shocked but we were able to teach to those needs and comfort him during this time.

We made smores this week just to let you all know and I was dying! It was Sister Kjar's idea and even though the graham crackers and chocolate arent the same, it was still sooo delicious! Haha had a funny experience. So we were in roma sur, one of our areas and we stopped to get some barbeque and the lady selling the barbeque was like oh my gosh, you should totally meet my grandson. He's 18 years old and he already has a car and a house so you would be totally set if you married him. She kept telling me he was so handsome and that I should marry him. It was so funny because I was like nay! I'm a missionary, I can't marry him! And she was like but sister, he's so handsome, can I give him your number? hahah so funny!

This week, we had our interviews with President and Sister Hiatt. It was nice getting to know them better and getting some advice on how we can become better missionaries and keep our areas progressing. Love you all!

Sister Dunn

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