Monday, September 12, 2016

Holli - August 29, 2016

Hi everyone!

So my iPad has been going through some pretty intense issues with so I'm using our account we use for our ward.
So sorry if I don't write back - I'm not able to send or receive any
mail from myldsmail so hang in there, we are trying to work on it.

So this week went by very quickly!

On Sunday when we were attending the YSA ward, one of the speakers
actually played different songs he had written on his guitar, and sang
to them. It was a pretty unique sacrament meeting! The songs were
about a convert's point of view on the church, the gospel, and keeping
the sabbath day holy. It was really awesome but super unique. Haha the
girl next to me who was from Utah asked, "Is this normal for your
ward?" So funny!

We went on exchanges one day so I had the opportunity to spend a day
with Sister Mumford in temple city. It was super cool. Sister Mumford
is sooooo good at talking to everyone!! That is definitely one of her
strengths! We taught one of their investigators Andy - his English is
ok - he's actually from China - but we gave him a church tour and it
was super cool. He was really excited to come to church and learn

There is a member that lives right by the church that we found like
four months ago, looking for a referral. He was in his car and told us
where to go and then right before he drove away mentioned that he was
a member of the church. We were like #jawdropped - but we don't have
his records here! So we randomly went by this week and met his wife
who is not a member and she said that they've been meaning to come and
been talking about going but just haven't gone. So we asked if we
could start teaching the lessons and she said ok! Super pumped :)

We met this sweet girl named Stephanie the other day. She is 19 and
really great! We started teaching her and she had all these awesome
questions about the gospel so we're pretty excited for her to continue
learning. She was going to come to church but then texted us right
before we were going to pick her up and said that her dad didn't want
her checking out other churches, if she wouldn't even go to their
Catholic Church. So basically she's going to retry her Catholic Church
for a month and if she doesn't like it, she is allowed to explore a
little. We were like rats! But that's ok because Heavenly Father has a
plan for her!

Haha, we went to contact a less active in the YSA ward and we met his
mother who had no idea that he had even gone to our church, much less
get baptized. We were like #awkward but do you want to learn more?
They are pretty happy in the Catholic Church but she was really sweet
and said we could come back :)

We had this awesome Relief Society activity yesterday for the YSA ward
and we were able to bring Cecily (a less active we've been working
with) and she had a great time :)  She's young and feels left out in the 
YSA ward but she met another 19 year old and an 18 year old at the party 
so it was a success! She has a lot of potential, and she starts school this 
week so prayers for Cecily!

Love you all so much!! Hope you have a great week :)

Love, Sister Dunn

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