Monday, September 12, 2016

Lindsay - September 12, 2016

Hello everyone! 

Holy cow this week has been a roller coaster of emotions!!! On Tuesday, 
we went to gospel mission. We help bag food, and restock shelves with 
canned food. It is amazing to serve others! Then after lunch we went to 
the Fort Bayard Medical Center. We visited a lady named Patricia who is 
in our Ward! Oh my goodness, she was doing so much better than the last 
time we visited her! She talked a lot and asked a lot of really good questions 
about the scriptures. The first time we had met her, she barely spoke. So we 
were glad to share the gospel with her! 

After that visit, we were driving down this one road, and we saw this lady 
trimming her trees. So we stopped the car and parked, and asked her if 
she needed any help. She said she didn't but was grateful for the offer. 
So we began talking and she showed us her huge garden, and we began
talking about religion. We had a great discussion with her, and we had the 
opportunity to share our purpose with her! Even though she was pretty strong 
in her own faith, she was grateful and open to us sharing a little bit about the 
gospel! We ended up giving her a pass along card with our number on it, and 
she gave us some lemon cucumbers:) After meeting that nice lady, we went
and completed Avery's baptismal program for his baptism on Saturday!
For dinner, we went to the Relief Society dinner. They had a potato
bar, and then we made Conference journals:) It was a great turnout! 

On Wednesday, we left for Safford in the morning for zone meeting. It was
such a fun drive in the mountains! It was foggy, and it was raining,
so it was a beautiful drive. But the roads are terrible!!! We
hydroplaned a lot!! We got to Safford safety fortunately! We had an
amazing zone meeting!!! Elder Kapele gave a training on finding, and
then the zone leaders gave a training on the doctrine of Christ. We
also have a mission challenge called Fill the font! Each companionship
is given the challenge of having 1 baptism and 1 reactivation before
the zone conference in November! We are super pumped to work to
accomplish that goal! It will be tough, but the Lord can do all things
if we trust in Him. After the meeting, we went to my favorite place
Kainoa's!!! I was hoping so bad to see someone from my last area! And
I did! I was just looking at our phone for messages when I heard, "Hey
Sister Dunn!" It was my Ward mission leader from Safford! Heck yeah! I
was super excited to see someone from my last area! It was the best!
After lunch, we went to the temple! It was such a wonderful experience
for me, to do a family name for the endowment. I felt at peace, and I
knew that what I was doing would bless my fourth cousin! 

On Thursday, we went to gospel mission, and then we went around 
the surrounding cities of Santa Clara, Bayard and Hurley to share the 
gospel. Later in the day, we had an amazing lesson with Sister Mitchell! 
She actually brought up the will of God, which was what we had planned 
to teach her! Talk about divine inspiration!! :) She was very emotional, and
expressed her appreciation and love to us for teaching her! The spirit
was truly touching her, and we were glad that we could be instruments
in the hands of the Lord. 

On Friday we planned a lot. In the middle of our planning, we got a 
call from Bishop Roth, that Avery's baptism was canceled. It was supposed 
to be the next day, and we had everything ready. Avery's dad said that he 
should wait until he is older. We were literally devastated. I started to cry 
as we drove to our appointment with one of our investigators. We had 
worked for 4 months, and so many other missionaries taught him before 
us! Then, about 10-15 minutes later, Bishop calls us back and says that the
baptism is back on! Sister Brinkerhoff literally screamed so loud as
we heard the news. Haha, it scared me so bad! And then I started
bawling!! Haha! It was a funny moment. But it was such a humbling
experience.  Sister Brinkerhoff was laughing while I was bawling. What
a wave of emotions!!! As we tried to compose ourselves, we went to
teach our investigator Robert. I knew that the Lord wanted me to have
that experience before teaching Robert. I definitely listened to the
Spirit as we taught him about the Plan of Salvation. He tries so hard
every day to do an act of kindness, even with his physical
limitations. He is in a wheelchair every day, and so it is amazing to
see his faith in the Lord, as he strives to do what is right. 

The next day the baptism went so smoothly, and more than 40 people 
showed up! Avery's dad who is a non member said the prayer, and it 
was such a sweet and humble prayer. Oh my goodness this week has 
been amazing! And on top of Avery's baptism, Brother Darnell came to church!!!
YAY!!! He told us in gospel doctrine, "I am nervous! The Spirit is
making me sweat!" Haha! He told the whole gospel doctrine class when
he was introducing himself, (I am paraphrasing here), These sisters
helped me to commit to come to church today, and the building hasn't
fallen in, or a plane hasn't crashed into the building, so I am doing
ok!" It has been such a great week! The Lord has definitely tried our
patience and faith!! I am grateful for the gospel, and I am so
grateful to be a missionary! I love you all, and I know that the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true!


Sister Dunn

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