Monday, September 12, 2016

Chelsea - August 29, 2016

This week was a super busy week but we had a lot of miracles happen :) On Tuesday, we taught one of our investigators, Lyka. She was about to get baptized a couple months ago but her aunt and dad refused to let her saying that they won't pay for her college if she does. So she stopped coming to church. But just a couple weeks ago, she started again and we were able to teach her last week. She said she really wanted to get baptized and she knows this is the truth and so we encouraged her to pray for direction and guidance on what she should do and we also encouraged her to share her testimony with her family about why she wants to be baptized. We prayed really hard that their hearts would be softened this time! When we came back, she told us that she shared with her dad and aunt her testimony and how she came to know for herself that this is the truth and that she would like to get baptized. They were super supportive and said it was ok! It's a miracle!! I was so surprised because Sister Atutubo said their hearts were super hard before. Definitely a testimony that God will help us if we do our part and reach out to Him. We are so excited for her baptism on September 10!

We also have another investigator that kinda has the same situation. But we've only taught him once and he immediately realized that what we were saying is the truth. He already prayed about our message and said he really wants to get baptized. The only thing is that his mom and grandma are super against it and he really wants their support. We kinda gave him the same advice and are gonna keep going back and strengthening his testimony and faith. 

We've been working with our other progressing investigator, Bro. Ventura. It's a little frustrating! He comes to church every sunday and we commited him again to a date but he told us not to set a date. He's scared that if we set a date, that he will make a mistake and then not be able to be baptized on that date. He also said that he's not ready yet and he feels something is missing. We explained to him that we don't have to be perfect before baptism, all we need to do is have a desire to follow Jesus Christ and change. He still wouldn't commit so we're gonna do the best we can to keep helping him build his trust in God.

This week has just been super busy though! We had splits with the stls on Wednesday and my comp was sister villa. I really learned a lot from her but one thing I want to apply in my work is contacting, everywhere and everyone. We also had a mini mtc activity at the stake with all the youth. I was paired up with two girls from the stake and we had to go tracting for a couple hours! We were just placed in a random spot but we were able to find 1 new investigator and 14 contacts. It was so funny though because it was really hot outside and after like an hour and a half, my companions were dying and they couldn't even stand up and they were like can we go back early? Haha it was really fun to get to know them and help them prepare for missionary work! Love you all!

Sister Dunn

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