Monday, September 12, 2016

Lindsay - September 5, 2016

Hello Everyone!! 

We had a great week! On Tuesday, we traveled to
Safford for an amazing zone conference!! Unfortunately, I was sick
that day... But the Lord provided for me, and I was able to make it!
We had a great training by Sister Passey about revelation, and how we
are blessed for our desires and when we act in faith, the Lord will
provide a way. Then the assistants gave a training on planning, and we
practiced having a more effective planning session. Then President
Passey talked about working with members, and how they are the ones
that truly can help us, and provide people for us to teach! It was a
great zone conference, and I was glad that I was able to make it! 

On Wednesday we taught Institute! The senior missionaries, the Smith's
completed their mission, so we didn't have any institute instructors!
So we taught it! We had a great turn out! We talked about Jesus
Christ, and the symbolism of Jesus Christ. It was such an amazing
lesson!! If I remember correctly, thank you Brother Evans (or Brother
Gardner, or Brother Lloyd,) for that lesson that you taught me in
Sunday school about symbolism, by bringing different objects to class,
and having us relate the objects to the gospel! Cause that is what we
taught to the institute class! They LOVED it! Each individual had to
really think and be creative about their answers, so I am so grateful
for wonderful Sunday school teachers who have taught me well!! One 
member of the branch came to the institute class, and one of the objects 
that we had was a shoe polishing kit. She gave the most extravagant 
explanation of how the object related to the gospel! haha! She talked 
about that on the cover of the kit it says that it shines, nourishes, and 
protects. Angelica then talked about how God and Jesus Christ nourish 
us, protect us, and help us to shine. That the gospel is like a kit with all 
the tools and resources you need. When she was done explaining, I 
literally was so speechless!!! 

After the institute class, it was about 8:30, and we were unsure of who 
to visit. Sister Brinkerhoff suggested that we visit a less active in the 
YSA branch named Jessica. Hallelujah, she was home! we taught her 
about the Plan of Salvation, and she literally opened up sooooooo much! 
She asked a lot of questions, and bore her testimony to us of the feelings 
of love that God gives us, and if we feel that it is right, we should do it. 
We were just blown away as she expressed her personal thoughts and 
feelings. And she finally prayed at the end of the lesson! It was glorious!! 
When she prayed, I truly felt the Spirit. Jessica has a close relationship with
God. Definitely an 8:30 miracle!!! :)  

On Saturday, we met with Josh again and taught him the Restoration. We 
brought Jayden along with us again, and we had another wonderful lesson! 
I am grateful that he is self motivated!!! Later in the evening, we had an 
amazing experience that truly answered my prayer! We were running out 
of people to see and it was about 7:15. There have been many times where 
I feel as though God is telling me to tract. I don't want to, but he wants me
to, so I can show my faith. So we prayed about it, and that's what we
did! And so, the first person we meet, invites us in!!! We couldn't go in 
because he didn't have another sister there, so we talked on his back patio. 
Wow, he has had a rough life! He told us that he knew that God had saved his 
life many times, but that he doesn't believe in an afterlife. He told us that he 
was in a coma for 62 days, and it was dark. I think he was expecting to have an 
afterlife experience, but he didn't. So we are definitely going to work on that! Haha! 
Some elders came by to teach him a year ago and they never came back..... So
Hurrah for faith!  We found a new investigator! We invited him to read
the Book of Mormon but he told us that he is dyslexic. So we gave him
the website for so he could listen to it :) 

I am so grateful for those stretching experiences that God has given me. I feel like
the Brother of Jared because the Lord didn't just provide light for
him automatically, the Brother of Jared had to find something
that he could touch and provide light, so they could have that
resource on their journey. The same with our experience. He asked us
to exercise faith, and go out of our comfort zones to find someone.
For the most part God will not just send someone who comes up to you
and says that they want to be baptized. You have to exercise faith and
find THEM first!!! 

On Sunday, we had an amazing lesson with Brother Darnell!! We brought 
Jayden with us, and it was great to have her there! We taught him the 
Restoration, and it went well! He is planning to come to church next week! :) 
I am soooo excited!! 

After that  lesson, we went to Avery's to teach him and figure out the baptismal
program. Oh my goodness it is finally here! Avery is getting baptized
this Saturday!!!! We are so happy!! After, we had a great lesson with some less actives
in 3rd Ward. Overall, it was the best Sunday ever!!!! Oh and one more
thing. So Sister Brinkerhoff and I cover YSA, so we live next to WNMU
(West New Mexico University). They have this huge screen to the right
of the road that shows what they are playing that weekend. Every
weekend they show a movie, and we just look at the screen to see which
one they will be playing. Today, Sister Brinkerhoff and I were driving
past the screen, and we were just leaning forward so we could see what
they were showing. And guess what they are showing this weekend???
Finding Dory!!!!! Sister Brinkerhoff and I just totally groaned with
frustration. We just miss out on all the good movies. I call this
experience our natural man moment!! :) I love you all, and I know that
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true!!!


Sister Dunn

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