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Lindsay - August 22, 2016

Found this bug outside the Institute Building!!!!

Beautiful Silver City!

Wow it has been a great week! On Tuesday we went tracting and had some
really good experiences with the people we met. They weren't
interested at the moment, but they enjoyed talking with us about
faith, and their beliefs, and we were able to have a great
conversation with them. One of them was a man whose mother was having
some health challenges. Because of that, he chose to not rely on the
Lord. He told us that he felt like he was unheard by God. But.....
There is hope! He said he might be interested later on! After dinner,
we tried this one less active who is NEVER home! But by the grace of
God, she was!! :) She was pretty honest with us about how she had lost
her faith, and so we shared a scripture in Alma that talks about how
even if we can have a desire to believe, God will grow that desire.
She told us at the end of the lesson, "Maybe you sisters can spark my
faith again!" We were so glad to hear that! 

On Wednesday, we met with a sweet lady named Karin. We were trying 
to find this one potential investigator, and ended up talking with her. We 
shared our purpose with her, and she was very kind to us. She told us 
that she was very sick and that she had a disease that was contagious. 
But she asked us if we wanted some water, and we said, "That would be 
awesome!" So she came back a second later and gave us water and ritz 
crackers! She was the sweetest person ever! She will be blessed in heaven 
for that act of kindness! Later that night, we brought a member with us to some
lessons! It was awesome to have her there! She was definitely very
bold, but our investigators needed it! We visited a man who is
married to a less active in the Ward. He was kind of creepy, and
shared too much about his personal life, and the bad decisions he
made,  so we are going to pass him off to the elders:) 

On Thursday we had another fantastic day!! We did a lot of service, and then later in
the day we had dinner with the Jenkins family. They ordered a cake
that was going to reveal the gender of their baby, and they called
their non member friends Tom and Jane to come over:) (They are very
devout in their own faith). It was awesome! Then we shared a message
with them about Jesus Christ, and the Spirit was felt so strongly!
They asked us a lot of questions which was good, because it provided a
way for us to testify of the things we knew to be true. Towards the
end of the discussion, Tom and Jane said that they should go, and so
we didn't leave with a commitment! But... Here is the good part!
Brother Jenkins just encouraged us to walk up to their house and
invite them! So we did! We marched up the hill, and asked Tom and
Jane, "What can you do to strengthen your relationship with Jesus
Christ this week?" Toms reply was, "Why do you guys always ask hard
questions?" Haha! :) That is what we do as missionaries:) He told us
that he was going to work on having a consistency in Bible Study with
his wife. We also asked Jane, and she said that she would work on
being less irritated with her husband:) It was a great experience!!!

On Friday we did a lot of planning and we met with a less active in
the YSA named Josh. He is awesome, and we figured out that his records
got lost! How crazy is that? So we started teaching him, and we
brought a YSA member named Jayden with us. They really connected,
because Jayden at one point was less active, and so they could relate
to each other. On Saturday, we had a busy day. The Ward in Silver City
sends out letters to some of the less active members in the ward, and
they received some letters that were sent back. So they gave us those
letters so we could figure out if the address was correct or if there
is a PO number. So we met a few people, and ended up meeting someone
who was related to the less active that we were looking for! And we
gave him a Book of Mormon and set a time to meet with him next week!
How cool is that? :) 

On Sunday, we met with Brother Darnell again! And the Bishop and his 
wife came with us! It was awesome! We talked about
following the prophet, and then we tried to set up a time for him to
come to church! He didn't really want to specify, and so we told him
that I might be leaving in a few weeks. He promised to come to church
before I left:) And then he pointed at me and told Bishop, "This
sister really hammers on me!" Hehe! I just really really want him to
come to church super bad!!!! I just LOVE being a missionary everyone!!
I love you all, and I hope you have a great week! I know that the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true!


Sister Dunn

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