Monday, September 12, 2016

Holli - August 22, 2016

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! We had a pretty crazy one here
in Glendale.

Haha, Sister Hobbs and I are just finding out that taking on two wards
is a bit tricky - especially when one is a YSA Ward! We love the work
though and the Ward is amazing. Our RS Lesson was on marriage
yesterday and it was interesting to go to both the family Ward and YSA
Ward and hear the different comments and how each lesson kind of 
swung different routes. It was pretty interesting!

So we took two YSA girls out with us on Wednesday to do a bit of
finding and we had lots of miracles. Sister Hobbs found an awesome
family with Coralee, and Bear and I tried to stop by this one girl (who
wasn't home) and then found two awesome less actives - one whose 
name was Carla and she told us that she really wanted to come back to 
church! Sweet girl, but she is the only member in her family so she 
dosn't have a lot of solid support. But it was a super cool miracle!

We went on exchanges Saturday and I got to spend the day with Sister
Mann in Alhambra which is predominately Chinese so I got to work on 
my Chinese a bit! It was a great exchange - kind of rough because they
are struggling to find right now but they'll get there!

We had a pretty funny experience. John is one of our investigators and
he's pretty cool, just kind of floating down the road of life right
now so we're trying to get him to do a 2 Nephi 1:23. We've had pretty
good lessons with him but one day we walk in and his sister is there
and she looks super not happy to see us. But we brought a member so 
we sat down and started talking with John and then she comes over and
asks if she can ask a question and her tone is super confrontational
and we're like, oh my heck we should've asked to say a prayer first.
That or read 3 Nephi 11:29-30. Anyway, Sister Crane and Sister Hobbs
turn towards Jen and I turn to John and we do like a two way split on
the lessons and it was pretty great. John loves reading the BofM and
the Spirit was super strong with him but his desire to come to church
isn't there yet. I felt really bad for Sister Crane and Sister Hobbs but they
 both said they felt the spirit - Sister Hobbs is really good in 
confrontational situations whereas I just cringe most of the time - but 
they handled it very well so it was good.

Haha, we had a lesson with our friend David who is a pastor at a
convalescent home that we do some service at. He's kind of a funny
guy. We brought Sis. Chadsy (the RS Pres.) with us and it's kind of
crowded in the convalescent home so we sat on the patio outside. It
was so funny though because there was some guy playing the electric
guitar and singing all of these jazzy songs and it was so loud so we
were trying very hard to discern by the spirit David's needs. :)

We had an interesting dinner one night with a girl named Cecily. She's
fairly less active - none of her family members are active so she
doesn't have a ton of support either but she invited us over to cook
dinner for us. She did a great job with the dinner and she had her
friend Kevin over and it was very interesting talking to him. He
didn't grow up super religious and told us that whatever or whoever
God is, it doesn't effect him. He doesn't have a relationship with God
and didn't really want him. Cool guy but super interesting beliefs! So
we taught the Restoration and testified of the truth and gave him a
BofM so we hope he'll read it one day!

Anyways, that's about it for the week! Hope all goes well next week 
taking the boys down to school! Shout out to mom and dad who reached
 their thirty year anniversary on Saturday!! Congratulations! Love you 
guys and hope you had an awesome time celebrating!!

Love, Sister Dunn

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