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Lindsay - September 19, 2016

Sister Dannelly!!!
Hello Everyone! 

I hope you all had a great week! We got transfer news this week!!! Ahhhhh! I am going to be a sister training leader in Sierra Vista with Sister Handy!! I came out with her, and taught a lesson with her in the MTC!!! So I am really excited to be an STL with her. I am really sad to leave Silver City though. The people there are amazing!! I will miss the people dearly. 

So this week on Wednesday, we had a great district meeting on praying with investigators, and also praying with other people on the street or in tracting opportunities! It was definitely a topic that I hadn't thought about before. Especially with street contacting and tracting. But after the district meeting we truly applied it, and actually said some prayers with random people on the street! It was awesome! 

On Wednesday night, we decided to go tracting in Santa Clara. The first door we knocked on was a less active member! But she wasn't in our directory, so it was really cool to find her! She definitely has a testimony, and she is trying to bring her fiance to church, and also her grandchildren. She has had some health issues, and so she hasn't been able to physically go to church. But she wants to! What a miracle! We knocked on a couple more doors and had some interesting conversations. We asked this one man if he wanted to strengthen his relationship with Jesus Christ. He said no, and that he was good where he was at. What a humble answer! :) haha! We went up to another trailer, and knocked on the door, and this gruff guy comes to the door, sees me and my name tag, and then just closes the door. It was so awkward, that I just put a thumbs up sign and said, "Ok then". haha! 

On Thursday, we had an awesome day! We went to go find this one lady, and ended up teaching her daughter! The missionaries had visited her 5 years ago, and so this was the first time missionaries had returned. We taught her the Restoration, and invited her to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. She said that she would! Unfortunately that day she was headed off for the military, but we did have a chance to place a Book of Mormon in her life! We hope and pray that she will be able to read it and feel the Spirit and receive a witness that it is true. After that we went to contact a referral given to us. We tracted a long the street cause we couldn't find her house number. So we met this guy named Jesus who lives right across the street from a family in the ward. He didn't speak very good english, but he tested my knowledge of Spanish!! He asked me how much I knew, and I said, "Poquito!" (I hope that is how you spell it!) Anyways, he was really excited when I responded to a question he asked in Spanish. He asked me what my name was, and when I responded by saying, "Hermana Dunn," he just grinned from ear to ear! haha! It was awesome! We told him that we would drop by and give him a Spanish Book of Mormon, so we are excited to get that to him! On that street, we also met this one man named Tomas. He was really sweet, and we talked to him a little bit about the Book of Mormon, and he said that we could come back and teach him! And at the end of our short visit, we asked if we could say a prayer with him. It was such a great experience! After that we taught the Phillips! They are preparing to go to the temple, and so they have been striving to be worthy to go. We have also been teaching them the temple preparation lessons, so that has been an amazing experience to do that! After the Phillips we had a powerful lesson with David and Kolton from the YSA branch. Oh my goodness, the Spirit was so present, I could literally touch it. We hadn't met with David and Kolton for about a month. They had been pretty busy, and so it was definitely a lesson that I will never forget. We talked about the will of God, and we asked them why it was hard for them personally to follow the will of God. David told us that through his trials in his life, it is hard to see an end. And when you are faced with a decision, it is easier to make the wrong choice, and not follow the Lord's will. Kolton said that sometimes he goes through something that is prolonged suffering, and he can't tell if that is just because he is following the will of God, or if he is making the wrong choice. Our main emphasis with their concerns was faith. We shared the scripture in Alma 32:27 about having a desire to believe. And then I talked about Lehi's dream and how it is not a blessing to let go of your faith, your testimony, and your foundation just to end up being lost. We truly felt guided by the Spirit, and it was definitely one of the most powerful moments that I have had on my mission. 

On Saturday, we did a 5 minute teaching moment at the elders baptism. It was such a great experience, and I was so happy to be able to boldly testify of what I know to be true! And that is that I know that the Book of Mormon is true! I am grateful for the peace and comfort it has given me, and I know that God is willing to reach out to us. All we need to do is read His words. 

On Sunday, we met with Robert our investigator. We had a really good discussion with him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He asked us the hard question, "Is my baptism in the Catholic church valid for your church?" Wow, we didn't really know what to say, and we didn't want to offend him. But Sister Brinkerhoff went on about how it is accepted by God in that he takes your decision to follow him into account. And we also talked about the priesthood authority, and he seemed to take it pretty well. But he did say, "Everyone wants me to be baptized in their church." So, in response to his comment, we talked about prayer, and how God would let him know if what we were teaching is true. And at the end of the lesson, we invited him to pray. And in the prayer, he invited us to come back!!! :) So we were really relieved that he wanted us to come back and teach him. It was a great lesson!!!!! This week has been amazing! I am so grateful to be a missionary, and to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! 


Sister Dunn

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