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Chelsea - October 3, 2016

Sister Atutubo's favorite...chicken head!

Hi everyone! 

Another great week as a missionary here in Enrile! So I would say the theme of this week is bugs! First of all we've been getting bitten like crazy from these stupid mosquitos! Even like on my neck and face. Lets just say I go through a bottle of mosquito repellant per week! Also, on Friday, we caught a snake in our bathroom! It was so long and so sister caduada tried to catch it and so she grabbed a stick and a tupperware and was trying to get it in there but it was like fighting against her and we were screaming our lungs off! Finally sister caduada was like stop screaming! I need to focus! Haha reminded me of that time holli told us to stop screaming when our car broke down in the middle of the salt lake city freeway hahaha. That same day, we saw so many rats in our kitchen and I found a huge spider by my bag! I was like ok I've had enough!  Elder Jones came later that day though and blocked the holes with cardboard and duct tape so animals couldn't get through. But something chewed through it already! Hahaha the joys of life. What's funny is that the snake was a baby cobra apparently and so we let it loose across the street and people were like nooo, you should have killed it! That thing is just gonna get big! We were like ohhhh oops haha. So yes, its been kind of annoyance this week but we have the Lord as our protection, no worries haha. 

So our investigators are doing ok. We are working with Gail and she is awesome. The only problem is that she just had a baby and so there's this thing here that you can't go outside of the house after a month so ya, we kinda have to wait until that time but she is praying and reading and everything. We are planning on setting a bap date for her this week.   I was talking to Elder Jones and I asked about tatay suguitan and he said that he said the closing prayer in sacrament meeting and blessed the sacrament twice! woooh! Man I was so excited to hear that. I know how nervous he must have been though but I know the Lord is helping him magnify his priesthood! 

So we had a funny experience this week. We were tracting and this guy shouts out, you're the first mormon missionaries that have ever come here. We were like yess he's interested! So we asked him if we could share and he said he would give us 30 minutes. So funny because we didn't know he's a bible basher like no other! Man, probably the worst debate I've been in in my whole mission! Basically the whole time he was trying to test our knowledge of the bible. He asked what the Lord told Moses to say when he was freeing the people from egypt and so sister atutubo answered and she got it half right and he was like wrong! haha. Also he brought up the scripture about how women should be quiet and should not teach and only submit to their husbands and he was like why are you here? If you believe this you shouldn't be teaching. I was like wow rude!!!  After a little bit, I said brother we don't know all the answers to the questions and that's fine with us. We're not here to prove ourselves. We're here to share a message about how the church of jesus christ has been restored and it's your choice if you accept it or not. We then testifed and just left. Before an investigator receives the gospel and knows it's true, it's so important that he has an open mind and heart. If he doesn't, the spirit can't force its way through and that was so evident with this guy. But oh well, we know god loves him! Haha hopefully he'll be able to soften his heart a little. We gave him a book of mormon though :) 

Mahal ko po kayo lahat. ingat po

Sister Dunn

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