Thursday, October 27, 2016

Holli - September 19, 2016

 Hey Everyone!

We had a pretty fantastic week this week!

We picked up this one investigator Louis and after a few weeks he
dropped us, basically saying that he didn't have the desire to make
time for the church and he felt alright with God where he was at
currently.  Any ways, we had asked him during our first
lesson if he knew anyone who would appreciate a message about 
Christ and he told us we could go talk to his parents who lived just a 
few streets over. So we finally contacted them this week.

Haha it was super late at night and we knocked on their door a few
times but no one answered. We heard sounds around back and tried
calling over their fence and then we hear this little old lady from
the porch call down to us and we were like, whoo! So Louis's mom is
Mary and we told her we were missionaries and had met with her son
before and he told us we could stop by and share our message. She 
said "sure, why not?" And so we sat down on her porch and taught her 
the Restoration! It was pretty awesome. Don't know how much she 
understood but she was super sweet. And then as we just finished 
teaching the lesson, Louis pulls up in his car.

He then talked about why he had called us and dropped us again and
Sister Hobbs taught this super powerful lesson on repentance. The
Spirit was soooooo strong and I was like holy cow!! :) At the end, Louis 
was silent so we asked if we could say a prayer and we left. Amazing 

Sister Hobbs and I went to this girl named Alisha last night. She is
so sweet - we met her looking for another girl but started teaching
her instead. She is very knowledgable about the bible and basically
told us we were never going to convert her but that we were welcome to
share our message as long as she could share hers. So we taught her
the Restoration last night. And it was so funny because she had read
the intro and testimonies in the BofM but then said she got 
confused when she started reading 1 Nephi because of the sentence
structure . . . . So she feels that it's not true. And she said that
multiple times and we were kind of like, ooookay. Anyways we invited
her to read more and she was fairly open to it. We know the Lord can
soften hearts!!

We had an appointment with a less active one day and as we were
standing at his door he called us and canceled and we were like, darn
it! So we started walking away when we saw a former investigator 
named Kevin and we ran after him and asked him if we could have a 
lesson with him :) He's been having a rough time coming to 
church but he wants to get baptized . . . So we'll see where that goes. 
And then as we were having the lesson with Kevin, one of the workers 
there (Rob) told us he was curious about what we teach and wanted to 
learn more. It was a cool experience.

One day some members in our Zone asked us to come pass flyers for 
an open house their church building was having so we got to go and 
pass out flyers to everyone and anyone and that was a fun experience. 
Sister Hobbs was walking right into businesses and stores and asking
everyone to pin the flyers up so people would know. Man that girl has

One of the less actives we teach (Cecily) had her birthday this week
so her grandma took her and us out to breakfast! It was so fun and
Cecily is super cool. Prayers for Cecily - she doesn't have a lot of
family support in going to church and was baptized only a few years
ago and is also trying to hold a job and deal with school - which it's
really hard to find a job where you don't work on Sunday's out here.

Haha we met this awesome family on like three separate days. A
different family member every time. We were looking for a referral and
met Rafael, who said that he has been to our church a few times but
doesn't really go anymore because he doesn't have much of a desire.
But we invited him to start praying again! Then we met Ricki and Sky
yesterday and they are the coolest kids ever!! So we were looking for
their older sister Irene but Ricki told us she wasn't home so we
taught them about Jesus instead. Ricki is 9 and Sky is 8. Ricki told us 
he doesn't go to church anymore but that Sky still does. We showed 
them a children's bible video and taught them how to pray and they 
each took a turn. It was so sweet. We set a return appointment for the 
next day and as we were walking away Ricki said, "I hope to see you 
guys tomorrow!" Haha, so sweet.

That was our week in Glendale. Transfer news: Sister Hobbs and I will
be staying together for this transfer. We're assuming I will leave
Glendale for my last transfer so we're going to do our very best to
help others come to Christ before I go!! Love you all!

Love, Sister Dunn

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