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Lindsay - October 10, 2016

Creepy Doll!!!!

Wow! This week has been insane!!! On Monday we taught a lady named Christa the Restoration. We had a very powerful lesson with her. She just had a baby, and so she wants to be a good mother, and raise her daughter well. So we are teaching her the lessons, and helping her to come back to church, so that she can experience the blessings of the gospel that are in store for her! She is very sweet, and she asked really good questions, so we had a wonderful discussion with her. 

On Tuesday we went tracting in the early afternoon. Wow, we got a lot of rejection. Not rude rejection, thank goodness, but a lot of "We aren't interested," or "I already go to a different church." But we found this one guy named James. He told us that he wasn't interested, and that he was Catholic but not very active. It was weird because at first he wasn't interested, but as we kept talking to him, and brought up the gospel, he was open to it. So we gave him a Book of Mormon and committed him to read it. And the next time we met with him, he had kept his commitment! We are really excited to teach him! After James we went and visited a less active family in the Ward. They were really sweet, and we were able to address their concerns of why they didn't come to church. The wife is really sensitive to perfumes, and strong odors, and she gets really sick if she is around them.  At church a lot of people wear perfume and cologne, so she gets really sick, but they stopped doing it. So we are totally going to get on top of that so that they can receive the blessings of the sacrament!! :)

On Wednesday, Sister Handy and I gave a training on the doctrine of repentance. We had a lot of discussion during the whole training, so it was good that a lot of the missionaries commented.
After zone meeting, we went and had dinner at the Watson's, and then taught Brother Watson's daughter Kairi. So the Watson's are a blended family, so Brother Watson has a few kids, Sister Watson has a few kids, and then they had 2 kids together.  Kairi is 11 years old, and she really wants to get baptized! She is the smartest little girl! When we asked her why she wanted to be baptized, Kairi said, "So that I can receive a remission of my sins, and be clean so that I can return to live with my Heavenly Father and have eternal happiness!" She is the sweetest thing, and she has so much faith!

 After Kairi's lesson, we saw Alycia who is another less active in our Ward. We were hoping that her nonmember husband would be home so that we could teach him the Restoration. But he was still at work, so we taught Alycia. We had a great discussion with her about it, and we recommitted her to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true. After the lesson, Alycia's son returned home from football practice. He needed some help with math homework, so Sister Handy helped him, while Alycia asked me to play some songs on the piano for her. She wants to learn piano, and so she asked me if I could play some songs for her, so that she could listen to it, and then try to play it later. I looked at the piano books that she was working on, and it was an Allfred's piano book! I was literally in childhood heaven!!! She asked me to play some songs in the book, so I did! It was so fun!

 On Thursday, we met with Sister Judd who is a reactivated member. She knows that the church is true, and she has a testimony, but she told us that there is a voice in her head that says, "What if this isn't true?" So we are just trying to help her solidify her faith, and stay grounded on the foundation of Christ. It is so hard when people doubt! I know that at some time in our lives, we all struggle, and our faith wavers! But for all those who are doubting, or feel like their faith is fading, please don't let go of the iron rod! If you let go, what else do you believe in? I testify that if we hold fast to the iron rod, and don't let go of the gospel, we will be able to be eternally happy! We can be with our families
forever! Stay true to your faith, and don't let go of it!

After we visited Sister Judd, we went and taught Jayci who just got baptized a couple of weeks ago. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ. She really liked the lesson, and we committed her to include
her family in scripture study. Her mom isn't a member, but her Dad and sister are! Jayci is definitely going to be a pioneer for her family!

On Saturday we went on exchanges!! So I went to Douglas with Hermana Perschon, while Hermana Morales went with Sister Handy in Patton and Pomerene. It was such a great exchange! Hermana Perschon is a new missionary, and so it was really fun to serve with her for a day! She wanted to focus on finding new people to teach, so we decided to do some contacting. We went to an apartment complex to find this one less active. For some reason, we could not find their apartment number, so we said a prayer. After the prayer, I looked around a saw a door, and felt prompted to knock on it. I expressed my thought to Hermana Perschon, and she received the same prompting!!! So we knocked on the door, but the TV was blasting, so we don't think they heard us. We asked each other, "Why did we get prompted to knock on this door, when no one is coming to the door?" So we walked around and knocked on a couple more doors. The people that opened their doors only spoke Spanish, so Hermana Perschon took the lead.... Of course:) After knocking on a few doors, we just kept walking aimlessly, trying to find our way, when suddenly  I can tell you right now, that the Holy Ghost led me to look to the left. I saw a lady pulling weeds in her front yard, and I told Hermana that we should ask if she needs help. So we did! She didn't speak English, so Hermana Perschon took the lead. I asked her afterward what she said, and Hermana said that we could come back and teach her! She wasn't very religious, but she was still open to learn! Wow! The Spirit truly leads us to those that are prepared! I definitely learned that the Spirit doesn't immediately give us results when we follow promptings, but we will be led to those that are ready to receive his gospel! I am so grateful for the
Spirit! Later that day, we taught a lesson about tithing to a boy named Jace who is a recent convert. He was such a nice and sweet kid! After that lesson, we taught a girl named Aitzsa, who has a sister who just got baptized. So Aitzsa isn't a member, but the hermanas have been teaching her. We talked about revelation, and how we can receive answers to prayers. It was such a great discussion, and we were able to ask questions that helped us to understand Aitzsa's concerns. We were able to testify about prayer, and how Joseph Smith received an answer at a young age, so anybody can receive an answer from God! Overall, we had an amazing exchange!!! I had so much fun with Hermana Perschon, and we were both struggling with the same things, so we were able to confide in each other. :) It was great! 

After we unexchanged in Tombstone, Sister Handy and I drove back to St. David. As we drove on the highway, a line of cars suddenly stopped in front of us. Sister Handy braked more than usual to stop. All of a sudden, a car from behind us just rams into the back of our truck! Oh my goodness, it scared Sister Handy and I soooooo bad! And Sister Handy had never been in a car accident, so she was definitely shocked! We had no idea that was going to happen! So we got out of the car to asses the damage. There was only a dent in the back left bumper of our car. But that guy that ran into us.... Wow! He was driving a Toyota Camry, and his hood was totally smashed and his right headlight was out. God definitely saved us from the worst! Thank goodness for Nissan Frontier trucks! Just imagine if we were driving a Corolla (which is another mission vehicle that we drive). Wow! So that was intense! But we got everything figured out, and then we ended up giving a Book of Mormon to the guy who crashed into us! Haha! :) We are so sneaky:) 

On Sunday, we had a great dinner with the Trepanie's! Oh my goodness mom it reminded me of your roast beef dinner! It was good!! We finished up our weekly planning after dinner, and then we practiced giving a church tour, because I had never done that on the mission! Oh my goodness, even when we were practicing doing a church tour, the Spirit was so strong! We are planning to teach our new investigator James by having a church tour. We are so excited for it!!! I am so grateful to be a missionary! It is hard, and challenges come every time you move to a different area or receive a new companion. But the Lord helps us when we work hard, and when we are diligent. I love you all, and I know that God loves you! I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true!


Sister Dunn

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