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Holli - October 13, 2016

At the Temple!

Hello Everyone!

It has been quite an eventful week and a half! Our pday was switched to Thursday and we got the opportunity to go to the temple as well.

So we had two exchanges this week and I went over to Sunland and Huntington. It was fun to be with Sister Barrus who has been on her mission for only a few weeks. We had lunch with a recent convert and less active member of the church and it was so funny! Sister Barrus has a gluten allergy and this member bought pasta from Dominoes, forgetting that Sister Barrus couldn't eat it. So Sister Barrus told her and she felt so bad that she had Sister Barrus order a gluten free pizza - so the delivery guy came twice and we were there for quite a while! We just laughed about it though and showed them the Restoration video and the Spirit was very strong.

Sister Pehrson and I contacted this guy named Isaiah. He was working on a home and we started talking with him.He's super cool but doesn't believe in organized religion and doesn't feel that it's necessary for him to go to church to feel the spirit. He also feels that every church is corrupt and seeking money. We explained briefly about the Book of Mormon and invited him to read it and he was pretty excited to read it so are hopeful for Isaiah.

We received a referral from a recent convert named Michelle. She told us of this girl she knew named Mariah that "needed Jesus in her life" so we went by! At first Mariah didn't seem too happy to see us but her mom was there and she opened up and we started talking about the church and our beliefs. They're family has been through a lot of hard trials so it was sad to see them reject the gospel and not really understand what they were rejecting. But we hope their hearts will soften in the future.

We went down to see one of our investigators on Wednesday and he wasn't home and we were like, shoot! Plan B! We even brought a member with us and everything! So we found this one YSA member who we didn't know named Tanner and were able to share a quick message with him He told
us he was currently sorting through some stuff but he was really grateful we stopped by - he had also gone on his mission to Mexico not too long ago and loved it. Sister Hobbs told him about our canceled appointment and he was like "Haha, oh so I was plan B?" We kind of laughed about it but as we left we realized that we were actually supposed to see our investigator the next day - so Tanner must have been God's plan A!! We texted him that afterwards.

Alisha and Juliet came to church!! It was so cool! And the high councilmen spoke on the difference between belief and conversion. They paid good attention to it - though they kind of sat there and analyzed the whole time to make sure maybe one little sentence the speaker might say might not be in line with what Christ said in the Bible. However, the speakers used a lot of scriptures from the New Testament so it was great! Alisha had a headache because she hadn't had her morning coffee so they skipped out early but we hope they felt the Spirit.

Victoria also came to our choir class and sang alto so that was great! She did a wonderful job and liked it and is ready to perform with the rest of us this Sunday.

We were walking down the street when we see this guy named Roberto struggling with this huge bag. We hurried over and offered to help (and we do this a lot and literally no one takes us up on it). But he said yes! So we grabbed the bag and hauled it to his home which was like ten feet away haha. But he told us his daughter is working in Utah right now so we invited him to church and to learn more from the Spanish missionaries. Really cool service opportunity!

We were trying to visit a less active one night when we met Dmitri. He told us he remembered the missionaries coming by but would never sit in on the lessons. He isn't very religious and doesn't have a lot of time right now to devote to investigating he told us but he does believe in a higher power and he is going through some struggles. We asked him to think about and pray about baptism and he seems open to learning more. He's a super cool guy!

That's about it from here in Glendale! Thank you so much for all of your love, letters, and support! Hope this next week is a great one!

Love, Sister Dunn

Exchange in Sunland

Extreme Creepy Doll!!

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