Thursday, October 27, 2016

Holli - October 3, 2016

Charles and Jocelyn

Hello Everyone!!

We had a pretty bomb week this week!

We have this awesome girl named Alisha we've been teaching and she's
super knowledgable about the bible and her beliefs.  She's willing to pray 
and come to church so prayers for Alisha. We've had a few lessons with 
her. One this week was particularly hard. She will read the BofM but views
it very critically and with a lot of doubt - she feels it conflicts with the
bible. We taught her the plan of salvation and her roommate Juliet was
there and they both kind of bashed on a good portion of the plan.

They felt that the plan did not show a loving God because we might not
all be able to live with God again. Ultimately we told them they needed 
to pray and ask God about what we taught. And yesterday we did a follow 
up visit with Alisha and we told her we believe in modern revelation. So we 
invited her to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. She's got a lot of 
searching to do but she's very committed to finding the truth.

We have an investigator named Charles who was writing a paper on
numerous different religions and we had been teaching him. He just
finished his paper so now he can actually participate in lessons! He
and his daughter Jocelyn had us over for dinner (and we had fried
chicken . . . Yes!) and basically told us his life story with Jocelyn
and it was super sad. But we invited him to pray about baptism and the
church - he needs those added blessings! 

One day this week we had to drive up this ginormous hill and park and go
see this family. And I was driving and let me just tell you I thought
we were going to die! Sister Hobbs was super calm but I was freaking
out! Literally I felt like we were trying to drive up a vertical road. So
that's the exciting moment for the week. We both survived :)

We did an exchange on Wednesday and so Sister Huang came here and both
Sister Hobbs and I forgot that we had planned to do a split with two
YSA girls as well that night. A split is when one companion goes with
a member and the other companion goes with another member and we work
in different areas to try to cover more ground. Poor Sister Huang
didn't know the area, or the people we planned to visit, and the
lesson we had for the night cancelled on us last minute. So I gave her
a list of names and she and Rochelle went to work. Mission life is so
great :)

Melissa and I went to one of our investigators and as we go over
there's like ten kids in the yard. The neighbor to our investigator is
actually a very less active family - and the parents only speak
Spanish, but the kids speak great English. Anyway we gathered the kids
around and asked our investigator to grab her kids BofM -  and then we 
showed them a video about Jesus getting baptized. Their faces were so 
cute to watch! They just gazed at the screen the whole time with their mouths
open. So funny! The next night Sister Hobbs and I came back and the girls 
grabbed their books, came over and we sat in a circle and every body took a
turn reading a verse. It was a sweet moment :)

That's about it from here in Glendale! Hana is on date for baptism
people so please pray for her and that her family's hearts will be
softened! Love you all so much! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Dunn

Pday at Forrest Lawn - coolest thing ever!

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