Thursday, October 27, 2016

Chelsea - September 26, 2016

Hi fam! 

This was a good week and we got a lot done! On Monday, it was Sister Atutubo's birthday and so we partied it up! The tradition here in the Philippines is if you're having a birthday you have to pay for everyone's meals. But I switched that around and I paid for everything! haha. I think she really enjoyed that. We got siomai in the morning and then went to the breakfast project for lunch and had delicious waffles and then I surprised her with a cake during nighttime! I think she had fun! I really tried to make her birthday special since it was her first birthday away from home. 

On Tuesday, we had our district meeting and we have two new sisters in our district. Sister Golong and Sister Gadd. Sister Gadd is a new missionary that came right from the mtc!  Just watching her struggle with the language and everything just reminds me of those good ole days!  But she's doing great, she really loves it here, and is excited to learn tagalog! Haha the other night she ate blood and was so thrilled about that!  On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to go on splits with my former comp, sister balaoing. She was a challenging companion at times so oh yes was I excited! But it turned out to be not that bad. We were able to have a really good day finding and teaching in her area and I definitely learned how to be bold with my investigators in my area! 

On Thursday we were working in Roma and were teaching one of our investigators Jessy. We were teaching about the family and a brief background of the temple. I felt prompted to say that the temple gives us hope, because we can see  those members of our family who have passed on before us again.  Jessy said she really liked that concept and then she started crying. She explained that her brother and dad recently died and that she doesn't know where they are or if they're happy and she is still feeling burdened down. We were able to explain the plan of salvation a little bit and touched on how families can be together forever. The spirit was so strong! And I know that what we shared gave her hope that through our message she will see her family again :)

On Friday, we were able to teach Joanna and she is doing awesome! The gospel is really changing her and it's even evident in her countenance! Sister Atutubo and I are doing great and are as unified as ever in hastening the work here in Enrile. 

Love you all! 

Sister Dunn

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