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Lindsay - October 3, 2016


Eagle Missionaries!
Hello Everyone!

Wow what a week it has been! Oh my goodness! On Monday we had a great
P-day, and we taught part of the Restoration to a couple that is trying to come 
back to church. It was such a powerful lesson, mainly because we asked a lot 
of questions to understand them more and to listen to their testimonies. We felt 
the Spirit so strongly, and I am so grateful for the Spirit that leads and guides us. 

On Tuesday, Sister Passey came to our area to go over sister training leader 
responsibilities! It was so helpful for me! Sister Passey is amazing, and I am 
truly excited to be able to work more with President Passey and Sister Passey. 
Later that night we saw a recent convert family, the Wright's. We had such a 
great lesson with them! They have a little boy named Hunter who we are teaching 
the new member lessons too. But it was so cool, because the parents participated 
more than Hunter did! Usually the parents don't say a whole lot, but we talked about 
prayer, and we asked questions in which they responded! It was so sweet! 

On Thursday we went on exchanges!!! Heck yeah! So Sister Handy stayed in
the area, and Hermana Flores came to go on exchanges with her. So I went on 
exchanges with Hermana Steele and the new missionary Hermana Farias. 
So Sister Steele, the missionary I trained, switched to Spanish! It was so fun to be 
in a trio again! We studied a lot in the morning, because Spanish sisters have an extra 
hour of language study. Then we visited a man named Jack. He is the sweetest old 
man, and we taught him a part of the Restoration, and invited him to watch General
Conference. Then we decided to try this referral that the hermanas had received from 
a member. So we had the new sister take the lead in the door contact! It was awesome! 
He invited us right in. He didn't have much of a religious background. He was born in 
a specific religion, but never really progressed in it. So he wasn't sure about religion.
So we had to start from the very beginning, and talk about God. Wow, the Spirit definitely 
guided us, because we were just planning to teach him the Restoration. We specifically 
talked about the Plan of Salvation, and the hope that it brings. When we asked him 
questions, he was always unsure. But as we continued to talk about God's plan, and His 
son Jesus Christ, the Spirit just kept building and building. We emphasized a lot 
about prayer, and we taught him how to pray. Then Sister Steele invited him to give a 
kneeling prayer. Oh my goodness the Spirit was on fire at that point! We all knelt in a 
circle, and one of the sisters said a prayer. And then we had Bart say another prayer. 
Before he started he told us, "This feels awkward." But we reassured him that it will 
feel like that at first. He gave such a beautiful prayer, oh my goodness! It was awesome! 
And then we set up a time to see him next week! Oh my lanta, I love the Holy Ghost!!! :)
After Bart's lesson, we had dinner with the Bryant's. We had such a powerful lesson with 
them about missionary work! It was awesome! And guess what we had for dinner??? 
Gyoza!!! Heck yeah! 

After dinner, we went to go see an investigator named Gustavo. We went to their house, 
and all of the family members spoke fluent Spanish, so of course everything went over 
my head. As we sat down, Hermana Farias took the lead in teaching the wife Jaty. 
Hermana Farias is a native so she spoke fluent Spanish. It was really awkward trying 
to listen to Jaty speak when I couldn't understand a word she was saying!! Haha! It was
truly awkward! But what a cool thing! After that visit, we went to see a less active named 
Tiffany. We had such a powerful lesson with her, and she opened up to us why it was hard 
for her to come back to church. Hermana Steele told me that that was the first time Tiffany
had ever brought up a personal concern before. So that was really cool. Towards the end 
of the lesson we were just making small talk when we hear 5 gunshots go off, and then 
seconds later an additional 3! We totally flipped out!!! We started to duck, and then TIffany
had her son turn off all the lights. It was so scary!! And we saw the police cars lights, and 
guess where the police cars were? Literally two doors down from where we were!! Oh my 
goodness I thought we were going to die, and a robber or criminal would just barge into the home! But thank goodness, that didn't happen, and Tiffany led us safely outside to our car. 
She brought her guard dog with her, so that was good. But heck yeah! Best exchange ever!!!!!! 

On Friday, we went to Missionary Leadership Council. Wow it was intense for my first MLC!! 
We received a lot of trainings, and we counseled together as a group. It was really fun!!! 

Then on Saturday we had an amazing day watching Conference!!! I seriously loved 
Conference so much! Mom and Dad, did you see Annie Johnson in the MTC choir?? 
I totally flipped out! Before the conference, I told Sister Handy that I would love to see 
someone that I knew. And heck yeah I did! :) One of my favorite talks was the Elder who 
said, "No one is too young to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon!" That is so true! 
It may not develop automatically, but God will help our faith grow, as we read the Book 
of Mormon.  

On Sunday, we watched the wonderful General Conference, and then visited Justin and Amy. 
They have a desire to get sealed in the temple, so we are helping them get there!! Justin really
wants to learn the new member lessons again, even though it has been year that he has been 
baptized. So we taught them the Restoration. It was such a great lesson. We had to be very 
persistent and bold with them, because they get off topic a lot! So we had to bring it back a 
couple of times. But we were very determined to teach them the whole Restoration, which 
we did! I am just so grateful to be a missionary!!!! I am going to end with my testimony in 
Spanish. (I wrote my testimony in Spanish on exchanges; the hermanas helped me). Taylor, 
tell me if this is accurate!!! :) Yo se que Dios le ama. Yo se que El Libro De Mormon es 
verdadero. Yo se que Jesucristo es El Salvador de el mundo. En el nombre de Jesucristo, 

I love you all!!!
Sister Dunn

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