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Chelsea - September 19, 2016

My best friend Paul!

Sister Atutubo and Raviyah!
Hello everyone! 

What another great week here in Enrile! It started out with me eating pig tongue! It was so gross because they put it in this sweet cheese sauce. Lets just say I was gagging so bad! Also this whole week we've had super typhoon warnings but we got super lucky and it totally passed by us! Wooh!

On Tuesday we said goodbye to Sister Albarico, Sister Kjar's comp. She's going home! So me, sister A and sister Kjar were a trisome for 3 days ! Haha it was so fun! Definitely laughed a lot! So we've been working really hard with our investigators this week! We taught Albert on Tuesday. We reviewed with him the restoration and man he's so smart! I was talking about how families can be together forever and he was like how do you even know that? Usually no one asks that question here! haha. Also he got really caught up on the nephi killing laban story, we had to spend a whole lesson on it! But I extended a baptismal date to him and he was super hesitant but he said yes. We'll see how things go with him! 

We've also been working with Joanna! She's 14 years old and all of her siblings are mormon except her. We've started to teach her though and at first she really wasn't progressing but we challenged her again this week to pray to know if our message is true. The next night she texted us and said that she asked Heavenly Father if what we were saying is true and gumaan yung loob niya or in english she felt light. That's the best translation I can give! We were so happy for her! She even came to church yesterday for the first time! Bishop told us that he couldn't believe it because her heart was so hard and she would refuse to come to church. Maybe now is just her time! We scheduled her baptism for October 22! 

So on Wednesday, Sister Kjar got her new comanion, sister caduada. She is actually assigned to argentina and will be leaving in about 5 weeks to the provo mtc! She is nice but super quiet! And guess what people! My anak sister elix got transfered to tugue north zone so I got to see her on wednesday! Best day ever! Haha we totally ran to each other and I gave her a big hug! It was so nice to see her and we were able to sit down and talk for a little bit! 

So we had a couple funny exeriences this week. On Tuesday we were tracting and we saw this path leading to this forest area and we asked if there any houses over there and the guy was like ya there's a ton! So we went exploring but we only came across one house and we saw this human size doll tied to a pole at the house and we started freaking out so bad because there are rumors of witchcraft here and so we ran all the way back to the highway! So creepy ! Another time we were all riding in the tricie and sister Atutubo and I were on the back of the motorcycle and the tire totally pops right under us and so we screamed so loud haha. And so we had to wait on the highway for a bit and this dog starts walking down the street and all these tricies are coming down behind him and they aren't slowing down and I'm like ohhhh no dog get out of the way! And so me sister kjar and sister atutubo start screaming our heads off and I totally turn away because I will not watch a dog get killed right infront of me! Thank goodness the dog was smart and just kinda laid down and rolled so he wouldn't get hit but mannnn! Stupid tricie drivers! That was a lot of trauma in just one day! 

Also on Friday night sister kjar and I were in the kitchen and she stepped outside to get the mop and out of the blue she jumps right back in the house and slams the door and locks it and runs to the room and I was like what in the heck?!  She said she saw a person out there and he was whispering! hahaha aparently he was hiding in the shelf and she totally saw his foot. I was like greatttt we have a witch outside our house! Hahaha we think it was a homeless person though but man I was lauging so hard at her reaction. Definitely so many laughs this week! 

Love you all and love being a missionary. ingat po kau

Sister Dunn

The District

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