Thursday, October 27, 2016

Holli - October 17, 2016

Hello Everyone!!

So this will be a short letter because not much has happened since I wrote last Thursday :)

We did a blitz in Sunland the other night. A lot of the companionships in our zone are struggling to find people to teach so we do blitzes in everyone's area to help out. Sister Hobbs and I each took a member of the Sunland ward and went to work trying to find people for the sisters. Rachel and I went by a lot of different people and it actually was fairly successful! We found this one cute part member
family with a little boy - please pray for Kayla, Scott, and Bryce! Kayla seems to have lost her testimony but we showed them a little video about the temple and asked Scott if he would take the
discussions and start coming to church.

We had a lesson with Heidi the other day. She had forgotten but she is also super sweet so we had it any way :) Her mother was actually visiting and we talked with the mom for a bit. She had a read a few anti mormon books and kind of fired questions at us in a very loving way. Super hard. But we got through most of the plan of salvation and tried to talk about the first vision as well. We encouraged them both to read the Book of Mormon, which they are both open to doing. Super nice people but we are still trying to build real intent!

Sister Hobbs gave a talk yesterday at church! She did such a good job :) We also sang in the choir and it was Elder Boyack's homecoming so that was cool! Ironically he had just returned from serving in New Zealand which is where my companion Sister Hobbs is from! He brought Sister Hobbs a lot of her favorite New Zealand food - so I get to try it out too :)

Haha, funny moment. So we were traveling back from Sunland to Glendale late one night and right as we exit the freeway our car starts beeping at us and one of the gages says that the engine has overheated and we need to let it rest. Of course, being the calm one and the driver, I tried to rear end a truck in my haste to pull over. Haha, actually Sister Hobbs had the level head - I was just freaking out thinking that our car was going to explode. So we pulled over and let it rest for a while. The next day was Sunday so we couldn't take it in so driving to church was a start stop experience. Finally we just poured some water in this white container underneath the hood and it hasn't acted up since. But we're taking it in today :)

Haha, Sister Hobbs told me that some firemen came to visit her school and they had the kids assign certain people to do certain things in case of an emergency and Sister Hobbs was assigned to be the leader that led everyone to safety because she has a very level head in times of crisis. Thank goodness she's my companion. It might have been a different situation if Lindsay was there . . . ;) haha, jk Linds.

Yesterday at church Sister Corrigan (Bishop's wife) told this awesome story. She's a couponer and she was at the store checking out. The manager held her up, saying that she couldn't get an item or something. I think she had had a rough day and she also knew that she could get the item so she started arguing with him about it. He didn't treat her very respectfully in return and she just got super angry. Finally she just walked out of the store fuming. She said she didn't coupon for 6 months because she was so angry. Finally, one day, she walked back into the store because she felt so silly this had kept up for so long. She went to apologize to the manager - he actually didn't remember the incident and told her that some things had been going on with his family so he had been having a hard time. She said it was an amazing experience and really taught her a lot of charity. She went from seeing him as some unfair and unjust storekeeper to her brother that had his set of unique challenges and difficulties. I loved that story!

That's about it for the week here in Glendale! Love you all so much - thank you for your love and support :)

Love, Sister Dunn

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