Thursday, October 27, 2016

Chelsea - October 24, 2016

Our backyard after the typhoon.  The pigpen was totally destroyed and nothing is green anymore!

The Gonzales Family!


Haha we are alive and doing well! So probably the craziest week of our life with so many funny things! So on Monday, we traveled from Solano back to Cauayan and stayed the night there after our hike to the rice terraces. Then on Tuesday we went all the way back to our area Tuguegarao and right when we got there we got a text from the zone leaders saying we needed to evacuate! I was like seriously?!! You couldn't have just told us that when we were in Cauayan?! So we had to pack up some of our stuff and put everything up high so it wouldn't get wet and we headed to Cauayan again! We were put in a hotel! Wooh!!! And it was pretty nice! So, we were a little bored out of our minds there but it was still fun. I also got to work with my anak and sister turley for a little bit so that was fun. 

So ya, the typhoon was pretty crazy. We thought our windows were going to break in the hotel. The next room over, their window broke though and their door! Crazy! But ya, the damage wasn't really that bad in cauayan...but on Friday, we drove back to Tuguearao and it is so sad! So many houses are destroyed, there is no green anywhere, it looks like winter! Our zone leaders apartment was totally destroyed, another sisters apartment was under water. Ours wasn't that bad surprisingly. Our mirror shattered in the bathroom, part of our roof flew off and our window broke in our room so our stuff was kinda wet. So we were told to move everything out. So we packed our stuff and went. People said that we won't get electricty back until christmas... or maybe earlier if lucky. So I hope I will be able to go back! We didn't even get to say goodbye to everyone :( 

It was kinda scary driving back because it was dark and there were trees everywhere in the road and power poles and lines, but we got back safe and had to stay at another hotel that night in cauayan, but it was the grossest hotel ever! We had to fit four of us in this tiny room with two beds. It smelled like someone had literally just thrown up and there was stuff all over our sheets. And so we asked for new sheets and instead they brought up lysol spray hahahahah I was laughing sooo hard. Also, the whole floor shared this community shower and bathroom and there were elders right across from us. So we called pres hiatt and they let us shower at the mission home the next morning. haha. So ya that was funny! 

So on Saturday they drove us to our new area, Diffun!!! Woooh get to go back to my first area! Haha my guess is I will probably be dying here. And Sister Atutubo is still my comp which I'm kinda excited about, because I know we'll have a great cycle in diffun! So ya, we have to divide the area with the diffun sisters into 3 and hopefully we can go back to tugue in the next month.  

Love you all! Thank you for your prayers!

Sister Dunn


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