Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lindsay - October 24, 2016

This dog reminded me so much of Rudy!

Hello Everyone! I hope you all are doing well! This week was great!! On Monday we saw the Trujillo's! We are helping them to return to activity, and also to go to the temple. We talked about family history work, and they really like learning about their family! So we are planning to do some family history work with them this upcoming week!

On Tuesday we saw Brittany who is our potential investigator! We brought Lacy and Kevin from Patton Ward to come with us and teach her! They are the cutest kids! When we dropped by to see Brittany, her parents weren't home, and so we rescheduled it later that day. So we decided to go to a member's home and practice teaching the Restoration to them. We asked Lacy and Kevin to help us, and they were shy at first. But when we asked them questions, they shared their testimonies, and it was so powerful! After teaching the Youngs, we went over to teach Brittany. Her parents invited us in and told us that they were supportive of her decision to be baptized. So that was good! We had to take Lacy and Kevin back to their home, so we just walked with Brittany and the kids back to their home. We had an amazing discussion with Brittany! She really opened up, and was able to voice her concerns about baptism, and her experience in the past with taking the missionary lessons. We talked about faith, and we were able to help Brittany understand that faith is just more than believing, but acting on the desires that we have. 

After the discussion with Brittany we had dinner with our Ward mission leader, Brother Reynolds. Brittany wanted to come to dinner, so we let the Reynolds know beforehand. Sister Reynolds made the Olive Garden Zuppa Tuscana soup with cheesy bread and salad. Oh my goodness, I was in heaven! After dinner, we had a lesson with the Reynolds kids and Brittany afterwards ,and we were able to talk about the importance of the Book of Mormon and how it teaches us about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was amazing!!

On Wednesday, we helped a less active in Ward named Kelly. Her daughter was having a wedding, so we helped her make Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie treats. It was really good to meet with her! She had had a rough week, and so we were able to listen and give her feedback.

On Thursday we met with Vikki our investigator. We taught the Plan of Salvation. She feels the Spirit I know it! Vikki even tells us that she feels so much peace, and that all the LDS individuals that she has met has a peaceful spirit about them. She wants it, but there is something that is holding her back from being baptized! We just need to figure it out! She also talks a lot, and goes off on tangents, so we have to bring it back on topic. But we are determined to find out what is keeping her from being baptized!

After Vikki's lesson, we taught Brittany again. We brought Sariah with us, who is a good friend of Brittany's. We taught the Restoration, and it was so powerful! Oh my goodness!!! I invited her to be baptized on November 19th, and she said that she would! So we are super pumped about that!! We also visited with our recent convert Justin. He had been having a rough week, and he had stopped saying his prayers this week, so he was glad that we came by to give him a spiritual awakening:) hehe! And then Justin and his wife Amy came to church on Sunday, so that was good! On Friday we met with Brother Venn again, and he made us pineapple ice cream! It was really good! Then we had a lesson with him about the Holy Ghost, and we had a good discussion about how the Spirit will help us to remember the things that we have learned. Throughout my mission I have definitely looked forward to Sunday's! I feel so comforted to be able to partake of the sacrament, and renew my covenants with my Heavenly Father. But also to be able to ask for direction and inspiration on how I can be better. I just love being a missionary everyone! I love you all, thank you for all of the
support that you give me! I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true!


Sister Dunn

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