Thursday, October 27, 2016

Chelsea - October 10, 2016

Hi everyone :) 

So this week we extended a baptismal invitation to Gail for November 19th! Hopefully she will be able to go to church next week! We just taught her about the Book of Mormon and challenged her to read it so we'll see :) 

Joanna is doing great like always. She was also able to attend general conference yesterday and I think she really enjoyed it! We are helping her prepare for her baptismal interview this week! 

Our next baptism is Raviyah. She is living with her grandpa and half brother who are both recent converts last june. Raviyah is turning 8 and will be baptized on October 29. But man it will be a miracle to watch her get baptized. Haha she's the most distracted unfocused girl ever--kind of a brat, and has a hard time listening and she refuses to pray for the weirdest reasons and she'll start crying. Yesterday we taught her the plan of salvation and when she didn't want to say the closing prayer we were like do you want to go to spirit prison? Hahaha! She said the prayer right after that! I love her though. She's so blessed to have her grandpa tatay johnny as her guardian. Tatay Johnny is amazing. He went to all five sessions of general conference including priesthood. And he was just baptized like 3 months ago. Man I'm so impressed with him! We praised him on it yesterday and he was like siemps, I love God and am devoted to him. He's awesome. 

We get conference a week later than you guys.  It was great! Definitely received a lot of revelation and a lot of my questions were answered :) Loved Uchtdorf's talk and how he emphasized about how beautiful the gospel truths are and sometimes we kinda just take them for granted in our lives. Definitely made me realize how grateful I am for the gospel. I also liked Nelson's talk about how we can be happy in almost any situation, good or bad. And that our happiness doesn't depend on the circumstances but on our focus in life. Also liked Hales talk. He posed the question, if we love God more, will we suffer less? And then he was basically like no, we won't suffer less but we will suffer less spiritually. Really liked that and how problems and trials will never go away no matter how faithful we are. But as we are obedient and love God and are faithful to Him, we'll be given the spiritual strength we need in those times. So ya Conference was great!

We came across a muslim girl this week and she sat in on the lesson and even participated. We saw that she had potential so we asked permission if we could teach her but they said it was too dangerous. Well hopefully one day she gets a chance to accept the gospel! 

Haha funniest thing, I was contacting this old lady and I was like nay, have I ever met you before (in tagalog) haha and she totally thought I said did your sister have surgery on her heart yet and then she started to go into detail about how her sister hasn't been able to have surgery on her heart yet even though she really wants to and this lady started to get emotional and I was like oh my gosh I didn't even mean to ask that! So funny though because I just nodded and smiled and sympathized with her. After, she thanked me for listening. I was like well maybe Heavenly Father wanted her to hear that so she could feel like someone cared about her and her family. The Lord does really work in mysterious ways! 

Love you all! 

Sister Dunn

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