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Chelsea - July 25, 2016

Baptism of Tatay Suguitan and Yanna
Kumusta po kayong lahat?!

This was an ok week. We had a great zone meeting on Tuesday and the stls talked about using hymns in our lessons. Have to be honest, at first I was like mannn that's super awkward, especially if it's a new investigator... I wasn't really optimistic about trying it out, but ever since we have started, the spirit has been in the lessons so much stronger. We also found a new less active here and after we taught, she asked us if we could sing count your many blessings. She hadn't been to church in about 20 years and she says she missed the hymns. Just shows the power of hymns and how much they can influence us for the better!

So this week, basically we've been trying to find all these less actives. I looked at the numbers in our ward, there are 500 members in san mateo and only about 50 are active. It's crazy right?! I've been going through the records and highlighting all those who are in our area that we don't know. So whenever we go out proselyting we have this huge list of people we need to find. Haha man it's harder than I thought! A lot of the records aren't even updated either so sometimes people are like oh they died years ago! haha. We found one great family though the other day. It's so sad though, they basically said they have no time for praying and reading and church because they are working. Haha we shared 3 nephi 13:31-33. It was good though because they have two kids that haven't been baptized and the mom wants us to teach them every sunday! Wooh!

So this week I got some food poisoning. Basically, I ate some chicken in the fridge that I thought was only there for like 2 days but it was actually like a week hahaa. Got super sick the next day and was throwing up! But I'm all good now! Time flies so much on the mission that you forget about how many days your food is in the ref!

So I can honestly say that Saturday was the most stressful day ever. The Stls had a wedding for their investigator that day, and they had an elder all planned out to play the piano, of course he ends up getting in the hospital which means I had to do it last minute and we were so stressed! So we had to go all the way to cauayan in the morning on saturday and me and sister baker did the music for the wedding, she played the violin. It actually turned out very beautful! After that, we hurried back to our area and informed tatay suguitan and yanna about their baptisms and then hurried to the church and cleaned the font which took us 2 hours.Haha it was so gross. Then we hurried to our apartment to change and went back to the church. We went with a member to go get tatay suguitan. He had a stroke in november and so it takes him a while to walk, and the car can't get in to his house so we had to walk a ways. It was so cute, I was walking right next to his side, and I was like kaya mo ba tay? (can you do it?) and he was like kaya ko sister, I can do it so I can get baptized.. aww! Sorry it sounds better in tagalog. Anyways, we got to the church and the keys to the office were locked which had the baptismal suits in it, so president had to go back to his house. Meanwhile the Hiatts were there! haha sobrang stressful. Also our other investigator wasn't there so we had to go walk to her house and get her! Man we were sweating it but the baptism turned out beautiful!

They had to baptize tay twice because his feet kept coming up because he doesn't have control over them... but they finally got him all the way down! When they came out, they both bore testimony. I'm pretty sure everyone was crying through tatay's testimony. He did it in ilekano but I was able to understand about half of it and I felt the spirit so strongly. Awww so amazing. I am so grateful for tatay's decision to be baptized and to follow Jesus Christ. I know that he will be an amazing example to his family and hopefully, his family will join him soon. Love you all!

Sister Dunn

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