Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Holli - July 25, 2016

Hey Everyone!

We had a pretty crazy week this week!

We had a mission conference on Thursday with a member of the Seventy

and his wife - Elder and Sister Gaverett (not sure on the spelling) and it

was really cool! The APs told us afterwards that Elder Gaverett

changed the agenda of the meeting like 10 different times and the

purpose was to have the Spirit guide the meeting. It was kind of

hilarious too because they did accountability last minute and had all

the ZLs come up and do accountability for the entire zone - baptisms

for the last four months and how many were still active in the church

- focused on retention. Those poor zone leaders were really sweating

it but did a great job! And some ZLs weren't there so they called up

the DL in place - haha yeah Sister Colson said she was really glad not

to be either at the moment.

We had an awesome church tour with Heriberto, Connie, and April. It

was kind of hilarious because April's date is set for the 19th of June

and we only meet with her once a week so we literally crammed like

half of the lessons into the church tour. However, April did get the

pack of gum Sister Colson used to explain tithing so she stayed awake

for most of it. It's cool too because Connie is just kind of present

for lessons, to support April, but we can tell she's feeling the

Spirit so we hope as we continue to meet that her testimony will

strengthen and she'll have the desire to do more. Wonderful family!

Unfortunately Eddie (short for Heriberto) works every other Sunday so

church attendance will be very spotty. Connie told us she would bring

April to church but unfortunately they never came. Life goes on

though! We have a temple trip planned for this Thursday and they said

they would meet us there to check out the Visitors Center so we're

excited for that!

Oh my gosh we have the coolest family in the Ward. So it's Brother and
Sister Butler and they will just be here until August but Brother

Butler is going to school at BYU and they live in Wyview and will be

there for a while so they told me I should come and visit which would

be super cool! He's doing his masters in engineering and another funny

fact we found out- he was in the movie High School Musical! So that's

the plan when I go back to school is to go to the Butler's apt. And

watch High School Musical :) haha- they are awesome! Sister Butler is

actually coming on a lesson with us today for Eivet and Sonahey

(friends of a less active member who have come to church twice now)

and we are so excited to teach them.

We had such a unique experience last night. It was late (like

8:40) and we had planned on stopping by this potential. She had

stopped us in the street a month ago and asked if we wanted to come by

her house and "talk about it" so we were like, sure . . .? Then when

we were on exchanges a few weeks ago we stopped by their house and met

her very crazy brother Fabien. Pretty creepy dude. Anyways so we

decided to stop by last night. Not a super logical thing when it's

dark but we felt OK about it. So we go and Fabien is the only one home

and he's just super creepy. So we asked him to tell Patricia we

stopped by and prepared to jet when this group of kids passed by us

ranging from like 5-13. They were the sweetest kids in the world. They

all lived in the neighborhood and were used to Fabien but they were

kind of scared of him. Anyways, they asked who we were and then told

us about the churches they went to. Then one of the boys (Angel) asked

if we believed in bad dreams - we told them to pray whenever they had

one and then they all started sharing their bad dreams. Then Kelly, one

of the little girls, asked if we could all say a prayer together. So

we like moved away from Fabien's house and gathered in a circle and

all took turns saying a prayer. And it was so cool! It was 9:15 by

then and we told them we had to go. Angel asked us if we could stay

for another hour and it was so hard to leave those kids! But we told

them we would come back. Such an amazing experience!

We were in primary a few weeks ago and this little girl named Madison

(she's maybe 4) is just a hoot. The lesson was on Jesus and His many

titles/roles. They started talking about how Jesus was the Good

Shepherd which would make all of the kids the "sheep" and Madison

stands up and states very pointedly "I'm not a sheep, I'm a kitty!"

So remember, no matter what animal you are, Jesus still loves you and

still wants you to follow Him. ☺️

Haha, so Mariana (she just got confirmed last week) has a daughter

named Gen in the YSA Ward but Gen comes with her mom to the family

Ward a lot to support her. So yesterday was fast Sunday and we were

going back over it with Mariana and she was like joke griping about

how we have to fast for two meals. She asked if 12 was ok to start

eating. Haha, I told her that when we were young our parents made

sure it was two full meals so we didn't end up eating until 4 or so

and sometimes when dad (who was bishop at the time) got home late we

would fast until 5 or 6 and Gen's like "So that's why you're so

skinny! You guys fasted until 6!" Oh my gosh hilarious - but yes there

are many health benefits to fasting! Physical and spiritual!

That's about it from here in Glendale! I love you all so much! Thanks

again for all of the letters and support! Have a wonderful week :)

Love, Sister Dunn

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