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Chelsea - July 3, 2016

Kumusta po kayong lahat?!

So right at the start of the week, we found some great new investigators! I was so relieved because man... we've got nothing here. We were actually teaching a lesson to this little girl part member, and these two twins come and sit in and then they start asking all these questions and I was like yes.... so I explained the restoration and they said we could come back! Super exciting!!

Embarrassing moment of the week: I was like kinda out of it on this day and we had just gotten out of the tricie and were walking down the street and I see these two ladies and I'm like well I'm gonna go contact them!! As I started contacting them, Sister T whispered, you're right in front of Jehovahs witness church. I was like ohhh.. (haha we are not allowed to go proselyte near the church) but it would be super awk if I didn't finish the contact because I already started so I totally shared about our message and invited them to church! I think they were kinda mad and offended but hey, have to share the gospel with everyone right?! hahaha.

So we have a great investigator we've been working with this week! His name is Elpidio Sugitan and he is amazing!!! He had a stroke a year ago and just 6 months ago he started walking again. He's about 40 years old, he's quiet, but he's amazing! My second lesson with him, I was asking him about his book of mormon reading and he said he loves reading and that he reads 2 chapters a day and he understands everything. I then asked him if he knew the book of mormon was true and he was like ya, I do. Ah great moment! Then next lesson, we talked about baptism. IT was so stressful!! His wife sat in on the lesson and she's not really supportive, so the whole time she was asking all these hard baptism questions about age and already getting baptized, and sister T didn't understand a word, so I had to teach the whole lesson! It was horrible... haha but the spirit took over and tatay happily accepted the invitation to be baptized on July 23!

I forgot to mention that Sister Baker's companion is actually assigned in chile conception south or something like that. And she needs to learn spanish! And I remember nothing whatsoever about spanish! It would be great taylor if you could send some helpful basic spanish guides or something!! haha

So another bad moment this week. Sister T and I were walking to this appointment and we were on this dirt road with a bunch of rocks and then these huge trucks pass by and one of the wheels of the truck hits this huge rock and it came flying at me and hit me right in my foot by my ankle bone. Let's just say that Sister T was laughing while I was crying. I literally thought my foot was broken and I wouldn't be able to walk for like a week haha cause it hurt sooooo bad. But amazingly like five minutes later, I could walk on it. It hit at the part of my foot where it doesn't effect my walking at all! Hallelulah!! Haha but it still hurts super bad when I just sit down. Sister T has been doing her polynesian massage on it and I have been screaming every night hahahah!

Thats about it for the week though! Love you all!!

Sister Dunn

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

The creepy cemeteries here.  They don't bury them in the ground, they just leave the coffins out.
It's so sketch.  It's more creepy in person.  We had to walk by this in the dark! haha

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