Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Holli - August 8, 2016

My new comp Sister Hobbs

Hey Everyone!!

We had a really cool week this week.

Vanessa, who we've been working with since June, is going to be

baptized this Saturday! She's had so many miracles happen this week.

Every time we go over she seems happier. She no longer wants to drink

coffee and loves coming to church. Her cousin is coming down to

baptize her so we are very excited.

Transfer news: Sister Hobbs is coming to Glendale and our area has

been turned into the new Sister Training Leader area so we're super

pumped! We also are covering two wards now - Glendale 2 and Glendale 7

which is a YSA Ward. Sister Hobbs is soooo cool! She's from New

Zealand and has already graduated from college and she's so funny. We

are super excited to work together.

We were backing out of our driveway the other day when this girl in

our apartment complex opened the door and started talking to Sister

Cook. Her name is Elizabeth and she asked us if we could come talk to

her because she's experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety and feels

like she needs to be closer to God. She is so sweet and we talked a

little bit about prayer and reading the scriptures and how that

blesses us. She is a super sweet girl and we are excited to still be

teaching her!

Sam came to church yesterday which was super great. We haven't been

able to meet with him for about two weeks because he has been so busy

with radiation treatments, work, and his family. He's been praying

frequently though! He loves the Ward and coming to church though.

Sister Parrott's son Shayne was moved to a group home and they're

deciding today whether or not he can go back and live with Sister

Parrott so prayers for them both would be so great!!

We were able to set up a booth at this community night the city had.

They held it right across the street from our apartment and it was so

cool! We had Spanish, Armenian, and English literature and the minute

we set up, this Armenian family came up and asked if they could have

the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets in Armenian. It was so cool! Then

we played a few movies and talked with lots of people about the gospel

so it was a pretty fun night!

We've seen so many miracles this week and are really excited for those

we get to teach. The Lord has definitely blessed us in so many ways

here in Glendale. I don't remember all the miracles so I'm sorry this

letter is pretty short, but I'm so grateful for a loving Father in

Heaven who has blessed me and my family so much. Thank you for all of

your love and support! Have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Dunn

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