Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Holli - June 27, 2016

Last day together with Sister Colson :(
Hello Everyone!

We had a pretty fun week this week :)

So on Thursday we get a call from the APs telling us we are

"receiving" a sister - for three days. There have been lots of fires

over in Azusa/Glendora area (other side of the mission) and Sister

Garcia had asthma issues so they sent her over here for a few days so

we were a trio for a bit - it was pretty fun! We did splits one night

with a member and that turned out pretty well. She has been out three

months and has a lot of greenie fire in her so it was really cool to

feel that energy and she did a great job contacting and talking to


We had zone conference on Thursday and that was really cool. Lots of

great training from President, the APs, and our ZLs. President told

one of his mission stories and it was super powerful. He served in

Mexico, right below the border of Arizona. He said the only thing

different between the north side of the border and the south (his)

side of the border was that Arizona had air conditioning. He said it

would get to be 122 degrees and they would be on the bus and he said

they would just roll up the windows because the wind was so hot it

felt like your face was burning off. He said that the people in his

area would wash their clothes in this big tub of water and he would

stand there with his arm in it up to the elbow just to feel cool.

He said one day they were walking down the road and they saw these

three guys smoking. The men waved them over, asking them if they

wanted a cigarette or some alcohol. They told them they didn't drink

and started talking to them. One of the men told them, "I would like

to hear more of your message and it's because you guys are young kids,

not some old preacher, and you're out in this heat spreading a good

message. I will listen to your message." Cool experience right?!

We had this pretty awesome FHE on Monday and one of our recent

converts (Kathy) who is super cool, came. And it was like 115 degrees

that day!

We get the chance to sit and play the piano every Tuesday at a

convalescent home and this Tuesday after we played, David (a pastor

who preaches every Sunday there) asked us if we would go to a few

different rooms with him and pray over the people there. It was quite

the experience. Everyone we prayed with was Catholic but we could tell

it brought them a lot of peace.

The stake put on a play this week: Alice in Wonderland. We were asked

to help usher so we actually got to stay and watch and it was amazing!

It was actually a musical and the play and the music and everything

was written by a couple in our Ward and they did a great job! All of

the kids in the stake were involved too and it was so cool!

That's about it for my week here in Glendale :) Transfer news: I will

be staying here and my new companion is Hermana Cook! She used to be

in Spanish work but switched over so we're really excited to work

together. This is her last transfer but she'll extend for a little bit

so we're pretty excited :)

I love you all so much! Hope you have a wonderful week!!

Love, Sister Dunn

Sister Parrott and Shane

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