Friday, August 14, 2015

Holli - August 10, 2015

Hello Everyone!!

Yesterday was Zone conference so our pday was moved to today! Sorry about that!

Holy smokes our week was crazy - so much stuff happened. So we had exchanges this week and it was so fun. I went to Azusa and Hermana Janes was my companion - she's the best! We had to do some service for this lady named Margo and her daughter Catherine who is the investigator. They were super sweet but Margo is very talkative! We were sweeping and they have two dogs, a few cats, and some chickens so it was fly city out there! They were everywhere and they bite too. We were showing Catherine the Restoration video and I probably looked like some crazy person batting at my legs the whole time - unfortunately I had been in basketball shorts while everyone else had pants so I was a prime target for the flies. Margo says all they're doing is looking for a meal . . . Thanks Margo. I would prefer to keep my blood in my body. So we had grilled cheese, hot dogs, and ice cream for lunch . . . That was awesome! We also stopped to help this lady get some groceries in her house. Man I thought I was a junk food maniac. She had muffins and cookies and soda and two roasted chickens that smelled so good! We tried desperately to set up a return appointment :) preferably a dinner one. She has the cutest family too. She works two jobs so that might be tricky for the Azusa sisters. In the house where the Azusa sisters live, they had a bit of a cockroach problem. I did see one crawling up the side of the bathroom sink so I grabbed the toilet paper tube and prepared to smash, but when I looked back over it had disappeared! Weird. Poor Sister Janes was freaking out.

We managed to fix my bike this week! We stopped by a Potential Investigators house and he and his family were out with the neighborhood kids. We had planned to stop by and do a final check to see if he was really interested but the kids ended up talking to us for about an hour straight. They were super cute and funny but man they were talkers! One of the boys asked me if I played sports. I told him I used to play basketball and he asked if I would play basketball with him. I glanced down at my skirt and kind of laughed but then said that we missionaries couldn't play. I felt kind of bad. We happened upon a less active and she has the cutest black lab named Maggie who is 4 months old. So cute but crazy hyper! We had dinner with this member the other night and they have 3 cute but crazy boys! It was fun just to sit and watch them play together - but we all got exhausted doing it! 

We did service for one of the members in our Ward (Candace). We were basically separating her daughters things from her things. While we were moving boxes Candace found her mother-in-laws urn but when we looked inside . . . No mother-in-law! Sister Duncan and I looked very hesitantly in the box for her remains while Candace ranted a bit. We walked into the hallway and there was this dust on the floor. Candace said that could have been her. Needless to say we gave that pile a wide berth. 

We met this guy named Tye on the street the other day. We had offered to help him with something but then he just offered to grab us water. He disappeared inside his garage for a few minutes and then he called us over. He gave us the water and then he handed me two eggs and a lime. Ok . . . what? I guess it was a very nice gesture . . . He put the eggs and the lime in this plastic bag and tied it to my handlebars. That was fun.

We stopped by the Zimmermanns last night and had a good lesson with them. They are our eternal investigators. We handed them off to the ward but may pick them back up sometime in the future. Brother Zimmermann was raised Jewish so he has lots of concerns with our religion but he loves what it's doing for his son so kind of a dilemma. They'll get there eventually! 

The Senior comp. thing is going better, thanks for asking :) There's just so much to apply that I learned from Sis. Robinson that it gets stressful but I'm learning so much! I had a pretty good week this week and it's getting a lot better. I just want to say thanks - for all of the encouragement, advice, love, and support - definitely needed. I love you so much. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I hope this next week is a good one!

Well that's about all from Claremont! We are both doing well. Sister Duncan did manage to biff it on her bike yesterday but she's all good! We had a good laugh together :) She landed on her gears wrong so I tried to fix it . . . haha. We ended up running into a member who fixed it in like two seconds so I got bike grease on my hands for nothing! 

Love you all so much and can't thank you enough for all of the love and support I felt this week. Thanks especially to the amazing YW in our Ward - you guys totally made my day with all of your letters!! Hope the week is amazing!

Love, Sister Dunn

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