Monday, August 17, 2015

Lindsay - August 17, 2015

Tracting in the desert
 Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a great week!! I love and miss all of you!!

Here are some of the highlights from my week! If I told you every detail, this letter would be a novel!! haha:) 

So on Wednesday we had Zone Council! We are supposed to have our district meetings after that, but our district leader and his companion were at the temple. So we moved it to Thursday. Then we tracted out in the blazing sun ( 107 degrees) for an hour!! We didn't have much success but its ok!! That is missionary life! And we keep pressing forward! 

We then went over to a members house for a New Testament discussion with a former investigator Kathy. Sister Richardson is good friends with her and so at one point, she talked about seminary, and Kathy was interested in learning more about it and having the group discussions about the seminary lessons. So we taught the first lesson in the seminary manual. It was about Jesus Christ, and we ended up having a wonderful talk about it! I truly felt the Spirit as we expressed our thoughts, and testimonies. Kathy is very spiritual, and she has a way of saying things that helps you think. I really enjoyed learning from her. 

After that we met with one of our investigators Maryanne. We were planning to talk about the Restoration, but she had some questions about the Plan of Salvation so we taught her more about that! We had a great lesson with her! And we truly felt the spirit. She is such a sweet and tender lady, and I know that she will eventually get baptized! We are going to meet with her again and talk about the Restoration, and resolve any concerns or questions about that. Then we will invite her to be baptized! I am so excited! 

We also decided on Wednesday that we would visit a less active in one of our wards. This lady was engaged to this man, but then he broke it off. So we felt impressed to visit her. When she opened the door, she said that it wasn't a good time, but then she started to talk to us and explained the whole story. We just listened, and then showed her the Mountains to Climb Mormon Message. She was crying by the end of it and said that the message we gave her was just what she needed. She hugged both of us and thanked us. Then we watered her plants:)  After we went to the Evans for dinner, and then we went to Ward Coordination. After that meeting, I suddenly got dizzy and sick, and we left for our apartment. 

On Thursday, we had district meeting! Our district leader, Elder Beckstead involved all of us in the trainings. Each companionship in the district gave a 5-10 minute training on different topics. Sister Moe-Tufaga and I gave a training on the Power of the Holy Ghost. I thought we did a pretty darn good job! :) Then we went to Panda Express for district lunch! (#districtunity!!! heck yeah!!! :) I got the Kung Pao chicken with chow mein. I literally regretted choosing that when I started eating it. It was so spicy and hot!!! I literally could not eat it all!!! 

Then we visited some members who we thought were less active:) haha:) but they weren’t.  But we shared a message with them anyway, and then made an invitation for them to invite others to the gospel. It was good! I got really sick after that meeting. I think it was a combination of the Panda Express meal, dehydration, and stress! So I slept for an hour to recover. But I didn't really get better. But we went to dinner anyway! Then we met with one of our ward missionaries in the Tortolita ward to visit 4 less actives in the area! It was nice to have another member with us. We ended up visiting with only one, but that is still something! We visited with a wonderful family who were so positive and happy. We shared a message with them and we plan to meet with them again! 

On Friday we had lunch with Sister Etzdorf. She took her Ensign magazine and told us, "Maybe we can convert someone at lunch!" haha:) I seriously love her. She is the sweetest lady. Then we went to contact some referrals. While we were driving to go visit one of them, I missed the street so I had to turn around. Me being the clueless person that I am:) , decided to turn around in a sandy part of the side road. Well, to make this long story short, our car sank in the sand. I tried gunning it and reversing, and we got stuck!! Thankfully, (while having a prayer in my heart), 10 seconds later after we got stuck, a tow truck happened to be driving by!!!  While Sister Moe-Tufaga was outside of the car taking selfies, the tow truck guy hooked up a chain to get us out! :)  Good times!!! 

We went to the Blanco's after we contacted some referrals which was awesome! Their family is great! We have two investigators in their family that we are working with. We want to get them to the temple so badly!! We went to the Marchant's for dinner. Their whole family speaks Spanish, but they speak very good English too! They are amazing! Sister Marchant asked if we could come in and help with a Sunday School lesson on teaching the gospel simply. We gladly accepted!! 

On Saturday we went and cleaned the church. It was awesome that we showed up because some of the families coming were out of town. So it was nice to be there and serve! For two hours we went tracting! I am not fond of tracting! Mainly because it isn't very effective, it is discouraging, and I lack confidence! I am definitely working on being more bold (but loving), this transfer, and the following transfers to come! It was really good to get out and talk to many people. Some of them weren't interested, but we had some great conversations with some people, and we have a few potentials!!  On Sunday, we had a very busy day! We went to Countryside Ward Council which was amazing! Then we went to Countryside Ward for the first half of it, and then went to a stewardship meeting for Tortolita ward. We met in the bishop's office, with his counselors and the ward mission leader. We discussed the area, and how we can be more effective in finding more people to teach. It was a very inspiring meeting! 

In Young Womens and Relief Society, we introduced the Lord's Game Plan for our ward mission plan. The Lord's Game Plan is a group text where we send a message to the members of the ward, letting them know who we are working with, what we are teaching them, and to pray for them! That way we can unify members and missionaries in the Lord's work!! It is amazing!!!  In Tortolita ward, we helped Sister Marchant with her Sunday school lesson. One sister would be in charge of one group, and the other would be in charge of the other group. We were given two topics: Eternal Marriage, and Temples/Family History. What we did was we discussed how to simply teach these principles to a non-member. Then we put it into practice by having one group pretend to be non-members by asking questions about the topic, and then we would answer them and vice versa. It was an awesome experience! And the youth of the Tortolita ward are really good at being so simple in their explanations of the gospel! 

After church we went to the Posey's for dinner. They both asked me what we were struggling with about the mission, and I specifically told them about my confidence, and tracting. They are so good at giving advice! I seriously love them! When Sister Posey was giving me advice, she looked directly into my eyes and gave me the most sincere testimony about missionary service! It was amazing! The Posey's have truly helped me in my missionary service. I was really shy with them at first, ( me being a new missionary:) and then once I got to know them, I opened up! So this week has been amazing! I have learned so much from this area, my companion, the leaders in the church, everything! I love Tucson! It is a great place to be (despite the heat:) 
I love all of you!!! I hope you have an awesome week!

Sister Dunn

P-day Sports!

District Lunch!!!!

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