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Taylor - August 24, 2015

Elder Wilhite, Elder Dunn, Elder Heath
Hey! So ya zone conference was this week and it is different than zone training. Zone training is by the ZL's and Zone conference is by the AP's and President and Sister Richardson. The ZL's are pretty chill, elder kwon and elder mason. I work with them a lot because I'm DL, and they really help me out a lot. Sometimes it's intimidating though because I've never been a DL and sometimes they expect me to know things or do things that I don't really think of, but usually it works out! Oh ya my District Training was on listening to our investigators.  They are disguised as baptismal statistics but like Jeffrey R. Holland said they are real people. We did a pretty good role play as well. The “investigator" would close their eyes and we would start teaching, and they would keep their eyes closed until you addressed what their need was. It was pretty fun! 

So in zone conference they changed the way we do Sunday night accounting to make it more effective. Instead of a lazily choosing the highest KI (Key Indicator) that we got for our strength and our lowest KI for our weakness, it's a little more detailed. Basically we account now on how our area progressed this week compared to last week and then we see what we need to do in our area to achieve our baptismal goal and what is the solution to doing that. As well they focused on being exactly obedient . They weren't saying that people were being completely diso but just little things, like leaving the house on time or updating the area book, or ending lunch on time, stuff like that. Basically just focusing on doing the little things to see big changes and see success. The format of the meeting was 1. Hymn 2. Prayer 3. Our purpose 4. Birthdays 5. Senior couples training 6. AP's training 7. Lunch 8. Sister Richardson's Training 9. President's training 10. Hymn 11. Closing Prayer. President's training was more or less on qualifying for the miracles, being obedient and having that desire to bring souls unto Christ, not just finding someone to teach. Sister Richardson's was on just being diligent and not getting frustrated. There was a missionary that said he was doing everything right, being exactly obedient and working as hard as he could and he wasn't seeing success so he was kinda mad at the Lord. He said he felt like he deserved success. So she said "Well in all reality, we don't deserve anything, in fact we deserve to be punished for our sins and wrong doings, but we are just lucky enough to have a loving Heavenly Father who cares enough for us to send his son Jesus Christ to atone for us." So ya it was a super good training, I learned a lot! And truly I got from the training that this is His work and we need to appreciate that we are a part of it and it truly is a great opportunity. 

To address your question Dad, I am the happiest I think I have ever been. I love the work, the people, and the opportunity to grow. It's definitely hard but I love doing it because I'm serving him. I definitely need his help ALL the time to be able to make it through the day, and when I make it through, I'm happy and when I see other people's happiness from the gospel, that is true joy! Oh and trust me I'm always smiling and laughing, it makes the work faster and easier! Oh and speaking of laughing, my comp had an idea that we should both eat a green chili pepper thing, so we both ate a whole one at the same time. It was pretty spicy but man I think he thought his mouth was on fire haha. It was super funny!

Anyways this week Felicia is going to be baptized as well as we are hoping to set Christian for this week as well! Felicia I mentioned before is the older cuban lady, who actually is jehovah’s witness but now is gonna be Mormon! She's super awesome and with the help of the Lord and the members we have helped her progress. Christian is the Bishop's son from his first marriage that just got here from Germany. He's super cool and he went to the adult session on saturday as well as sang in the choir for the general session of stake conference. We hope to set him with a date tonight! We definitely were able to get a lot of members out with us and see miracles from it. We definitely want to continue to work with the members! 

Anyways thanks for the emails, love you guys!

Elder Dunn

Haha a pair of my destroyed socks ;)

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