Monday, August 17, 2015

Taylor - August 17, 2015

Hey! So last district meeting kinda was super short because the ZL's were late and then they did a super long but pretty fun hurricane training. Then this old latin grandma needed help with those ancient machines I think used to read lines for family history or something. So, I just went  quickly over opening your mouth and being excited about the work. This week though I still have to do a district training even with zone conferences but it will be good. For zone conference, they hold them in three different sessions so that they don't have to get the whole mission together. They hold ours in some chapel I can't remember where, I'll figure that out later haha. 

We did have a lot of teaching opportunities this week. We also were doing a lot of finding this week, trying to find those who desired to be baptized, as well we were working with some investigators that seemed really cool. A pattern this week though is that we had a lot of appointments fall through and the investigators we had committed to church weren't the ones that came. 

I realized, one, that we need to make sure we are working with the elect, those who are willing to meet with us/stay in touch with us daily and are willing to come to church. The other thing I realized is that we didn't work a lot with the members this week so we want to do a better job with that. 

We were really diligent this week in trying to see what we needed to work on to improve. The major thing is that truly we need to align our will to the will of the Lord, we need to stay away from getting discouraged because we are on his side, we just need to do all we can and rely on him. Truly the Lord is letting us help him in this work, he is allowing us to grow. We are all so imperfect and weak but when we draw closer to Him and lean on Him, he WILL help us. 

I was thinking about this week and I'm trying to figure out how I can develop Christlike attributes and have success at the same time. We are working our behinds off but for some reason don't see a lot of success. We knock a TON as well which is hard. However, I have realized that most of the baptisms here were from member referrals so we are going to be working with that more! 

Oh, Dad you are exactly right, one of the goals we made this week, actually I challenged my District to do it, is to look for the little miracles, we aren't always going to see huge things happen but if you look for the little things it's easier not to get discouraged and keep doing the work of the Lord. 

Crazy little miracle, so all the people we had committed for church kinda of all canceled so that was super frustrating, and we were both quite frustrated. So, about an hour before church we decided to just go knock doors in a random place. We didn't really know how to approach it because we had never done it before but after 4 doors or so we ran into this lady who had been taught by the missionaries before. Somehow something got messed up so they weren't really able to meet with the missionaries. We invited her to come to church and she said she would try but we got their info. so we can visit them this week. Not a gigantic miracle but a tender mercy of the Lord. 

Sounds like Stake Conference was real good. That's super cool how Temple attendance has skyrocketed! President Monson was definitely inspired on that one! 

Sounds like you guys had a great last couple of days in Island Park, and had a really fun time! Thanks for all the pics mom they're great, I'm doing terrible at taking pics, I'll try better, there's just so many things to do that I forget about taking pics! Love you guys thanks for everything!

Elder Dunn

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