Monday, August 3, 2015

Taylor - August 3, 2015

So this week was a good week but definitely a tough one! I definitely gained a bigger testimony of enduring to the end, diligence, and faith in miracles! I was praying all week for miracles! Oh by the way I gave a District Training on being bold as well as Standards of Electness we have here for the Mission. Those standards are  1. Willing to Change 2. Committed to Act 3. Desiring to Covenant. But ya it went pretty well. Also I don't have to prepare one this week since we have Zone Training wohoo! 

Anyways it was pretty difficult to find a lot of people that wanted to hear about the message of the gospel or who were desiring to change this week, so it was a little bit frustrating. Though we truly gave it our all and worked as hard as we could this week! Though we did find a woman named felicia, she's a slightly older cuban lady but was definitely open for a prayer. Before we even said it she was saying that God had sent us there! She really liked the prayer and she's definitely a talker so she went on for a while haha. We eventually got a return appointment with her and brought hermano salazar with us and it went really well. We taught the restoration and set her with a date for the 15th! She was super excited to read the Book of Mormon because she loves reading, especially the Bible! I think she still wants to learn a lot more about the Church, but she also committed to come on Sunday. We had a member pick her up and she really liked the service! She even was filling out a slip for fast offerings! She only stayed for the first hour because she had to go but we have a return appointment with her today and we're going to have a member come out with us again so that should be boss!

 Another miracle is that the ward had a primary activity where primary kids could invite their friends for the activity and this mom with five kids came. Turns out she and the kids liked it and they invited her to Church the next day! She came with her 5 kids! Her husband unfortunately was working, but the ward did a great job friend-shipping her and we have a family home evening with her at the Bishop's house Tuesday which should be awesome too! So definitely miracles there! 

Oh and ya what I think I need to do on my mission is just not be afraid of making mistakes, whether it's in spanish or any other thing. I can learn from the mistakes anyways! Haha. Well that kinda sums up the week! Oh one last thing, so as a District Leader I really seem to feel more pressure to baptize. Obviously we need to work our hardest and it's in the Lord's timing but any suggestions to not freak out and just make sure that I can be an example to my district? Anyways love you guys, have a great week! See ya!
Elder Dunn

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