Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Chelsea - December 7, 2015

Kumusta po kayo?! Definitely a good week this week. So I ate blood this week. Filipinos don’t waste anything! They drain the blood from whatever animal I ate, and then fried it. The taste was exactly like blood. Never again. I literally wanted to throw up when I ate that haha. But seriously, blood here is so common. At the barbeque stands, they have chicken intestines, chicken ear, chicken blood, chicken head and chicken feet. Bishop served chicken feet yesterday at dinner but I declined. Maybe next time! 

So we were in this little store in Diffun and some american owns it and I see him all over town but I’ve never met him. Anyway, so we were buying some things, and I talked to his wife and sabi ko, taga saan siya at sabi niya sa oregon! (This is Chris….translation "I asked where he is from and she said he’s from Oregon” I love Google Translator!) I was like ayyy sobrang malapit sa akin!!  (That is very close to where I live!) I’m totally gonna contact him and invite him to church! 

Also, we were in the palengke the other day, and some crazy guy comes up to me (there are crazy guys everywhere haha) and he totally puts his arm on my shoulder and just pushed me so hard and I was like what in the heck?! Sister Balaoing hit him with her umbrella hahahaha. Also we were buying tilapia the other day and it’s so sad because they just pour the fish on the table and they are dying because there is no water and they are trying to breathe and I can’t even stand to watch it without crying!  And then I watched her kill them, it was horrible! I’m kinda used to it but it’s still sad! One thing that I just love about the Philippines is the kareoke. Sometimes at night when I’m trying to sleep, our neighbors are belting to kareoke. And like everyone in the Philippines cannot sing so just try to imagine like a 50 year old man screaming at the top of his lungs The Moment I Saw You Cry by Mandy Moore. HAHA it’s the best and I just laugh every time. 

Oh ya so funny. So we just had dinner with bishop, and Sister Balaoing and I were sharing to the bishop’s family, and this bat in the middle of the lesson, just starts flying again and again around sister hamblin and sister kibaimoas heads. I was laughing so hard! When does that even happen?! 

Work this week was good. Oh my goodness we taught soooo many less actives this week. And so many of them have problems! It’s kinda burdensome on us, not gonna lie. We taught this one less active and it’s so sad because she’s the mom of one of our investigators. And she hates the mormons now. She wouldn't tell us why but she is so bitter and is returning back to catholic. That was definitely an awkward lesson. We had another sad thing happen. We were teaching the Jordan family (our investigators) about prophets or something and this tatay comes up from the bukid (farm) and just sits down in the lesson. Turns out this tatay was the dad of willie. In my first cycle, a 19 year old guy named Willie died (Willie was the only member from his family). And his family is neighbors to the Jordan family. We even went to the viewing of Willie. Anyway, the tatay comes up, sits down, and is totally drunk. After the lesson, he just started talking and literally started bawling. He’s like I have sinned so much, I’m always drunk, and Im still mourning the death of my son. He was such a good son and so nice, why did this happen. And while he was talking, he was just weeping. Literally, I almost started crying. Just looking at him sitting there, all drunk, and he just looked like he had no hope. Since he was super drunk, we knew we couldn’t teach him or anything so we said we would come back. Oh man, just so sad. 

Definitely a good lesson was on Wednesday. So we were planning on teaching a 50 year old woman named Rosita and her 13 year old granddaughter Alicia. So we walked up to the house and there was videoke going on and like a party with a bunch of college students, and I was like, k lets come back another day. And Sister Balaoing was like no lets teach them. And I was like are you serious?! That’s pretty rude! and she was like we are teaching them! And I was like oh my goodness! I was so mad and just fuming! During the prayer though, I realized if I was still like that, I couldn’t teach. And so I just humbled myself and asked for the guidance of the spirit. Literally, the best HTBT I have ever done in my life! I was able to speak in pure Tagalog and said what I wanted to say and even spoke for a pretty good amount of time! Definitely, when we humble ourselves, the Lord blesses us so much, and I totally figured that out. And also, the lesson was sobrang maganda (super cute?). All of the college kids had questions, and I think we found some potential investigators. I am definitely learning from Sister Balaoing that sometimes, we need to be bold. We are missionaries, and that’s our calling! So ya, Im learning from her even though sometimes it can be soooo awkward haha. 

That’s about it for this week! I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and all that fun stuff! I know this church is true with all my heart! Love you all! 

Sister Dunn

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