Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Taylor - December 14, 2015

Hey! Ya it's too bad about Kevin and Vanessa but ya we mainly think that Vanessa wasn't quite ready. They will be part of the church soon. The Lord has been preparing them. 

So we will be skyping at the Summers' house. They were the couple that both went to Japan on their mission. They're super boss! They invited us over for Christmas breakfast so my guess is that we will Skype around noonish or 1 which will be 10 or 11 where you guys are at. I will let you know for sure the next email, for now this is just an estimate. 

The Ward Christmas party and Stake choir concert sounded like a blast and oh man the salvation army thing is for some reason one of my favorite things to do at Christmas. So much energy and spirit, it just makes it fun!! 

So this week was quite a week for us here in Homestead East! We worked super hard and were striving to follow God's will! One of our goals last week is that we wanted to find someone early in the week, and we found one person, but at the end of the week after really pondering and praying and searching for what we could do better as a companionship or what we possibly were lacking we found our family of five that we have been looking for! Even though it was on the last day of the week, it was super awesome and it was  a miracle! They are super cool and liked the restoration. We want to continue to be bold and really focus on baptism with them so they can realize why we are there and the blessings they can receive! 

Clifford is still doing good, we're just basically waiting until the 23rd for him to finalize the papers, get him married and get him baptized! He's super awesome though. I love those guys! 

I learned a lot this week about being a leader and being bold with the people in my district! Haha from what I've been told, apparently I guess I'm just a little too nice!! Anyways, so ya that's been a fun experience I hope to continue to improve on that! It's super funny, here in the mission every time we see a miracle we are supposed to send out miracle texts to pump up everyone in the zone. The AP's committed us to send #itwillbedone but since I'm in the zone everyone has been texting #itwillbeDUNN. Haha it's hilarious! 

Have fun listening to Mo Tab that will be super fun!! By the way mom random question, did you make that queso dip that Chelsea always makes for the Clark Christmas party? Oh man that stuff is deadly (as in super good but terrible for you)!! That is so boss that BSU beat Oregon! When I heard that, I told Elder Robishaw because he's planning on going to BSU when he gets back.  His mom works there so he's getting a huge discount! 

Speaking of getting back, my date has changed from the 23rd of June to the 30th because of some change in the MTC training time for 1st language missionaries or something, ya so I get 7 more days in the mish!!! Sweet! Unfortunately I will miss Spencer's birthday, darn. Anyways, I think that's it for the week, love you guys, have a great week and stay safe!!

Elder Dunn

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