Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chelsea - December 14, 2015

This is what we did for p day! Rode a caribou!

Wow it’s been an awesome week! And guess what, I totally met two Americans this week! The one was the owner of a shop! I totally talked to him for like 30 minutes… probably the nicest american I have ever met. He's opening a restaurant here in Diffun. He has two kids, one is back in oregon finishing high school and the other is in Baguio in the philippines doing school. He loves the Philippines. He's traveled all over the world and he absolutely loves it here. That kinda surprised me because you know of the poverty here and it’s just so different than America. But I really thought about it after he said it, and that’s what I want to become. I want to become someone who has such a love for the Philippines. I’m working on it though! And then the other American, it was the one at the huge mansion house in Liwayway! Oh my gosh funny story talaga. So it was only like 3 pm and I had to go the bathroom so bad, but we still had like 6 hours til we got home. And so we were walking in Liwayway and I saw the huge mansion and I said a prayer and was like, Heavenly Father, please let the American be there so I can go to the bathroom in his house. And oh my gosh you will not believe it but we were walking right past the house and the gate was wide open and there was the American walking right towards us and he was like, you better have put on some sun screen! Definitely an answer to my prayer! Haha and he let me use the bathroom! It was either that or the field so I was so grateful. We even tried to contact him and he said that he’s researched our church very in depth and that he finds it lacking haha. So we just left after that.

So we had district meetings and we were doing role plays where one of us had to be the prideful missionary and the other had to deal with us in a christlike way. So I was the prideful missionary and my companion was our zone leader and oh man I had so much fun. I was being such a jerk, and I wouldn’t even let him speak because he was the junior haha. He was like, I hate prideful people! I can’t do this! But so funny cause Elder Iglesky walked out of his role play because he was like, you are being impossible!! We were all just laughing! 

Basically, Wednesday was the most mentally exhausting day. In every lesson, every person just had the most deep doctrinal questions. It was so hard.... but we were able to handle it pretty well and both want to study doctrine more. But oh man, that really tested my knowledge of the gospel and my tagalog!

So yesterday I had splits with Lorene. She's an 18 year old girl and I was freaked out of my mind because she  doesn't know much about the gospel. And so ya.. pretty scary because I knew I was the one who was gonna have to do all of it. But it turned out pretty well. We were able to teach a couple lessons and they were great except the first lesson, the girl was asking so many deep and hard questions and I was like, wait I can’t even understand! Haha luckily, Lorene is pretty good at translating for me but oh man, it was definitely a struggle! But I know this is definitely gonna prepare me for this week! So since Sister Hamblin is leaving tomorrow, Sister Kibaimoa and me and Sister Balaoing are going to be a trisome. And we found a girl in our ward who is willing to go on splits every day with Sister Balaoing so both our areas don’t suffer. Which means, sister kibaimoa and I will be companions a lot these next two weeks! Sister Kibaimoa has only been out ten weeks and is still learning Tagalog.  Hahahah oh man get ready for some funny experiences where we both don’t know what they are saying ahhahaa. It’s gonna be hard and I’m kinda freaking out, but I know I’m gonnna grow a ton. Just get ready for the stories people. Like I’m imagining someone is telling us their problem, and we both have no idea what they said so we'll just be like well, we know that God loves you! Amen! hahahah oh man it’s gonna be good!

That was about it for this week! Love you all!

Sister Dunn

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