Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holli - November 30, 2015

We had a pretty good week :) On Tuesday we spent the day with one of the Sister missionaries who was going home. Her flight wasn't until that night so she got to go to work with us! Haha, unfortunately she didn't know she would be working
so she had the thinnest shoes ever and was limping around all day. We felt  so bad! But she didn't have bike shorts and we didn't have a car so it created a bit of a dilemma. We did some tracting and visited a couple people before we dropped her off at the church. 

While we were waiting for the bus one day, we contacted Delores. Sweet older lady who was pretty receptive to our message. As we were talking though this guy sits down and he was kind of anti religion. Pretty interesting to hear him talk about his beliefs but it was kind of hard when the lady just started agreeing with him. It was a testimony to us of how easy Satan's way can be, but how problematic it becomes.  As we were getting on the bus the guy tells us to make sure and do our research - that Joseph Smith just rewrote the bible. As we were talking about it later, we discussed how the only "research" that should matter is the search we make as we study the scriptures prayerfully and ask God if what we are studying is true.

We were walking down the street one day when the Arcadia Transit bus pulled up next to us.  Some people got off and then the driver asked us to stop. He got off the bus and started talking to us for like thirty minutes and it was awesome! His name was Jose and he told us he had
investigated our church a few years ago. He didn't end up joining but he told us he really admired what we were doing and he said that the night before he had had this awful dream so he was praying that Heavenly Father would give him some peace and comfort and that was when he saw us! He told us we were an answer to his prayers so that kind of made our day :)

So we had our first district meeting as a new district and we are in a Chinese district! Two other companionships - 1 set of Sisters  and 1 set of Elders. They are all Chinese, but one missionary in each companionship is bilingual. Our poor district leader told us this was the most stressed out he had been in his entire mission as he led our district meeting for the first time in English. But he did an awesome job! We love being in this district because we live in Arcasia.  Arcadia plus 
Asia = Arcasia! Literally! We meet so many Chinese people each day and it's awesome because they are actually pretty receptive to the gospel.

We just handed off one of our investigators (ZJ) to the Chinese sisters and she is so amazing! We had a pass off lesson with her last night and it was hilarious. So she is in high school but she is learning about Christianity and so we taught her the restoration. The Chinese sisters taught her in Chinese so she would be able to understand better but ZJ asked this question that poor Sister Huang was confused by so Sister Huang told her to ask us. ZJ asked how we
can know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet other than by reading the scriptures and praying about it. We finally figured out she was asking about how a prophet is called by God - the process behind it - so thank goodness for the Spirit because we were all floundering a little trying to figure out what she was asking!

We had Thanksgiving with the Coltons. It was awesome! They had like ten different pies and lots of turkey and mashed potatoes so it was awesome. Megan, one of the girls, and her two cousins Brooke and Nicole and Sister Maughan and I played around outside with basketballs
and stuff! It really felt like I was back home with my cousins so it was lots of fun. The Colton's also have this awesome tradition where every year right after the meal, the kids go and put together bags of candy and tie teddy bears
to it and around Christmas time they go deliver it to nursing homes so we got  to help with that - and eat the leftover candy so it was great :)

So Sister Maughan and I, along with the rest of Arcadia, were kind of sick this week. There's this weird cough, cold, sore throat virus going around and we were talking to members at church and they were all experiencing varying degrees. We felt bad because I got it Monday so we felt like we were kind of the carriers as we visited different families. Oops!

We also met this lady named Wendy tracting and she was interesting. She didn't know much English and we had met her son Daniel who told us we could come back. Because I had such a sore throat, Sister Maughan did all the talking so she tried teaching the restoration and it was kind of a struggle but ultimately Wendy ended up telling us she
really wanted to raise her children with a belief in God. She gave us a banana and some water - she was super nice :)

We were in the park one day trying to do some park contacting when we saw these kids surrounding this tree, throwing a ball into it. We saw they had gotten a badminton birdie stuck in the branches and it was like twenty
feet above their heads. We offered to help and we kind of watched them chuck the ball at the birdie until eventually they got the ball stuck in the tree. So they went and got a styrofoam bat that they started chucking at the ball. Finally the bat got stuck in the tree. So I had Sister Maughan give me a boost and I managed to climb the tree and shake one of the branches hard enough to get the birdie and the ball
loose. When I started trying to get the bat free, one of the parents came out in the yard to cheer on the Sister Missionary in the skirt stuck in the tree trying to get a styrofoam bat down. It was an awesome service opportunity :)

I got to play the piano in primary and in Sacrament meeting on Sunday! It was awesome to be in there with all of the little kids - you just learn so much!

That's about it here from Arcadia! Thank you all so much for your letters and your support! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Dunn

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